When Love Loses Its Meaning

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Healing is revealing


You went in with your heart all wide open with an understanding that love is on the other side of the fence. You then became frustrated, vulnerable and mad as hell.

You hold wilted flowers in one hand and toss your Starbucks coffee onto the sidewalk with the other. You slowly walked through the cemetery of broken hearts, in your black dress guarded, stepping over old skulls, broken bones as you kick over tombstones that wasn’t in your way. You then locked down your heart and threw away the key vowing to never fall in love ever again, never letting anyone in.

You were wrapped up all into yourself pissed at the world and lost the meaning of true love. Oh, the tangled web that was weaved which you were caught in; missing our Creator’s offering. When you take the time and think about it and come to the realization that nobody should have such power over you.  No one person should have such power; to change the beautiful you.


You placed coco butter on your scars as you reflect on the past when you first licked your wounds while they were fresh. It’s understandable because you’re hurt but then and only then once you’ve crawled out from your corner, speaking tongues to yourself, can you find yourself in translation. The pity party ends, new birth begins which leads to a brand new day, a new beginning and a fresh start.

The power of love is awesome and it always keeps you warm. In short, love never abandon you; it never leaves you stranded. Simply evaluate our situation along with evaluating yourself and you will uncover and discover “It’s” plan, if you’re patient enough.


Don’t think our Creator has forgotten you. Open your ear to love and hear what love has to say. Continue to open up and feel your heart once again and never be afraid to love somebody.


When love knocks at your door be ready, don’t hold back. Never hold the new person in your life accountable for what the last person has done to you. Remember, it’s a clean slate. Don’t lose sight and remain focused on your prize. Learn how to love someone but most of all know how to first love youself in order to love others.





Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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