Harlem Fetish Part 1: All Shapes & Sizes

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Some women are devastatingly beautiful to look at, to hold in your arms and to definitely dream about.

They come in all shapes and sizes. Only one will capture and hold his attention.

Harlem Thick

This is Harlem Thick – The Killah Small Waist, Hips & Lips


This is Harlem Bubble – Which Only Means Trouble

Brithday Sex.jpg

This is Harlem Fantasy –  Birthday Sex


This is Harlem Phine –  Glass of Wine

Harlem Ryder

This is Harlem Ryder – Confide In Her

Harlem Honey.jpg

This is Harlem Honey – She’s Not After Your Money

Harlem Sexy

This is Harlem Sexy – Whoa!


This is Harlem Hour Glass – Sophistication

Harlem Cute

This is Harlem Cutie – More Than a Booty


This is Harlem Honey – Bunny

Harlem World

This is Spanish Harlem – Say Something Ma


This is Harlem World Baby – Next Door Love


This is Simply Harlem – Fashion Plus Legs

Harlem Fetish

This is Harlem Sweetie – 2 Hot To Trot


This is Harlem Sexy – Bangin Head Turner


This is Harlem – Milk Shake

Harlem Suduction

This is Harlem – Seduction


This is Harlem – Heaven on Earth


This is Harlem – Baby Phat

Juice Bar. jpg

This is Harlem Juice Bar – Always Hungry, Neva Thirsty.

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Harlem Fetish: All Shapes & Sizes


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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