His Hidden Agenda

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Real talk baby gurl, he’s gay and it’s better to get over it now instead of crying about it later. He has gay tendencies. For the record, I don’t have any problem with the homosexual community. I don’t care if you’re gay, bi-curious, straight or just straight up different. If it works for you I’m happy for you and wish you all the best. I have a problem when you’re a phucked up person and when you lie about your sexual orientation.


Look ladies there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s him. He’s out of control, confused and won’t come out in the open with his secret. Some men are hoes yes this is true. Some of us men will date multiple girls at the same time because we’re trying to find out what we want and we’re also trying to figure out what we like in a woman.

When we’re young, sometimes it takes about 3 to 5 women just to make one girl friend. He may have a thing for thick girls, skinny women, smart women, not so intelligent women, short, tall, young or old it doesn’t matter; he is trying to find that one great or perfect woman until he realize that she doesn’t exist. Then he has to compromise because remember he’s told he can only have one. He was never told to hold out until he find the person that makes him a better person.  But when you’re gay and dating women no woman seems to be good enough.

You wonder why your relationship is not poppin off? You ever ask yourself, why ya’ll argue so much? Have you forgotten that two grown women can’t live in the same household? As a woman, you look good, you’re sexy wit it, you dress well, you cook, you clean, you’re a good listener, your compassionate, your emotional, you compliment his weaknesses and you amplify his strengths but something just don’t click when ya’ll are together.

So you love this bi-curious man. You’re everything and every reason a man should desire and want in his life. You are everything a man would want to run home to at the end of the day. It’s not your fault some of the men that you date are not interested in women.

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Some men have sex with women only to cover their own insecurities of who they actually are.  With a woman he can never be satisfied. He’s searching and he can’t figure out why he’s so empty inside when he’s with a woman. He has yet to find a woman that keeps him humble as his feet stands firmly upon the square. They are lying to you about their true sexual preference. They will not admit to you that they are more attracted to men than they are attracted to you. If you have a dude that is interested in men more than he is interested in women then you should analyze that man’s traits. Notice that he kicks it with men more, hangout and surrounds himself with men more than he should. He also tends to text men more and relate to men and their issues more mainly because he’s interested in the male species and the no frills advantage of the male activity.

There are many men out there living the undercover lifestyle. Don’t be surprised when it knocks on your front door. It’s what you get when you open that door. In this case, women have to understand that their relationship with such a man will not work. Women must come to terms that these men do not desire your comfort. He desires the comfort and the touch of another man. He’d rather be in the arms, all snuggled up with another man. Only another man can keep him warm at night when it’s cold outside. Only another man can console his heart, body and mind. Only a man’s voice can whisper sense into his ear, only another man’s lips can kiss away his fears, pain and tickle his fancy.

This is the same dude that sleeps with 100 women to prove his manhood but at the end of the day he goes out and kicks it on the avenue with his homies sharing and sippin on some Hennessey or smoking blunts and passing spit stogies which is nothing short from tongue kissing or sampling another mans saliva . He don’t even like eating cochie. Signs, symbolizes and signals sweetie. Sorry babes but some of your boyfriends are gay. That’s right, I said it. You are or have been dating a dude that’s homosexual. Now come to terms with it. Some of you women have kids by a man that is gay or on the down low. Some of you even married a gay man. Think about it. When you stuck your finger in his butt he didn’t smack it away. In fact, he raised his butt higher so you could get a better angle. You thought it was cute but the signs were there all along.

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So you love this man and gave birth to his kids. You cooked, clean and busted your ass for this man and he leaves you for another man. That’s phucked up my nicca. Real talk. The generosity of women will never cease to amaze me. Protect yourself lovely and stop being so trustworthy with your love just because he looks good or because he gives you everything you ask for or because you’re all caught up in the expensive trips he be taking you on. At the end of the day only you are left home alone with the burden of being a single parent as he continues on with his life, out in the world trying to figure shyt out. You don’t have time to figure out life when you’re left, home alone with mouths to feed, now do you?

Do you think most of these men care about you? Get the phuck out of here with that bullshyt. I’m here to tell you. They don’t care about you. We only care about the select few and many of you will never meet mommy. The cookouts are just a front. Most men only want some pucci and do whatever he does at the beginning, middle and at the end of the day.


Once you’ve put your heart and body into a relationship, because you’re so trusting and you’ve giving everything away there’s nothing else for him to take. You’ve given him everything. He comes over you cook for him, you put him before your kids, you give him ass, you suck his dyck, you buy him clothes, sneakers and shoes. So why should he be still interested in you? He’s taken from you all that you have to offer. He’s done all that he can do with you. Why should he even bother with you now? Explain it to me? He’s ready to move on and climb the next mountain. Now it’s time to take from the next chick; conquer the next objective. You’re done; ole newz like burnt toast.

So it’s not you, baby gurl, it’s the men that you are attracted to, the men that you choose, the men that you think that are fine or those you can’t live without.  Many men are not trustworthy and we are not worth your time and energy.  Ask yourself this one question out of three. Why do you continue to give yourself so easily? What is your value? What the phuck are you doing?

When a sistha misses all the signs in 2014. Hey fellas don’t get upset. Your girl could be gay too. It’s real in da field. Don’t think it can’t happen.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother….

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