Men’s Panties

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Over 1 million people are currently incarcerated in the American prison system.


Men’s Panties

Pants saggin is a mainstream jailhouse culture that has swept across America and is now considered to be a fashion statement. Every generation has it’s questionable moment in fashion. 

In prison or in any jail system the correction officers will take your shoe laces and belt to prevent you from hurting yourself, hurting others and to avoid you from committing suicide.


Men’s Panties

Hence, pants sagged and people walked around in boots, shoes and sneakers which were more like wearing flip flops. Today, they sell flip flops and white tube socks in the prison commissary. Flip flops are mentioned because one can find those wearing flip flops along with saggin pants.


Men’s Slippers

In the past, this was a non-verbal communication tact, where inmates would purposely sagg their pants sending out a signal to fellow inmates, informing others, that they are available for relations (sex) or a relationship. This was done in secret to pull the wool over the eyes of the correction officers.

And I’m suppose to pass the torch to you? Like you are my future?

I’m just sayin… Enjoy your fashion statement.

Food for thought.

Grab a plate, so you can relate.



Heaven is at the foot of Mother…


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