A Labor Day Salute – Samson Styles

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On this day we take the time to recognize greatness and salute a man, a father, a husband, a grandfather and a friend to many. This incredible Brutha put in more than his share of work and is long overdue for this acknowledgement. Walk with me…

To know the man one must embrace his story. To appreciate his offering one should allow the time to reflect and take a stroll down memory lane. Samson Styles the actor, writer, producer and editor, simply a man of many styles.

From drug dealing, pitchin that head nod to dealing with life while in prison, from becoming a News Correspondent for BET News and BET.com, from a life of crime to a life of uncovering heart breaking and profound stories. From gun toting to carrying a microphone and a video camera, from sporting Corn Rolls to a wearing a fresh Caesar, from sleeveless Tee’s to a suit and tie (Thank you Ty-Ty) Samson Styles manage to come up smelling like roses defying all the odds.


Like Malcolm X, Samson Styles aka “Born” resurrected himself from the gutter, breathing new life into the lifeless for all to bear witness. The Official Street Cat went from holding a news paper to collecting prestigious achievement awards.

Despite being shot by a friend and left for dead Samson did the unthinkable and place his arms round his shooter displaying compassion and forgiveness for an act that was unjust. Did you know after he was shot it took him an entire year before he could do a single pushup? Like a premature child in an incubator whose vital sign point to null, Samson flipped the script and surprised everybody with a miraculous recovery. Hard work and determination always pays off. Just look at him now.

I watched Samson teach himself to shoot, edit and produce news footage globally, while working in a dying department going through its’ transition. Samson took on adversity with a smile shaking off all haters. Samson’s unique voice captures the pain and suffering like no other. His mesmerizing voice is nothing short of a Rembrandt painting. He’s a true artist, perfecting his craft while accepting new challenges for a greater tomorrow.

I take off my Fladora to you Brutha. Samson Styles is the man of every hour. I’m sure everyone appreciates you…


Black Man of The Nile.

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