Hidden Colors: While Eating Shrimp

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There’s a direct relationship between going to prison, owning businesses, and corporations. Knowing the difference when calling it scrimp while eating shrimp, is priceless. 


Build your castle one floor at a time. 

1st Floor: Businesses & Industries = Economics

There’s a direct relationship between having a business and being in prison. Go and find 7-8 Asians together in an American prison. You won’t find them because they aren’t going to be in there. But 51% of the prison population, in America is Black because Blacks don’t have any businesses or industries.

There’s a direct link. Blacks won’t practice group economics. Blacks won’t practice group politics. If you don’t practice the two you are setting yourself up for failure. It’s like a 5 story building. You are setting yourself up to be wiped out.

Understand, the nature of racism which is economics. If you build the first floor it’s called “Economics”. Build your businesses and industries. Control businesses and industries and hold that money and practice group economics with it.

Arabs and Asians money bounces 12-13 times before it leaves its circle. Jewish money bounces 18 times before it leaves its circle. Black folk have to learn how to practice group economics. Black Americans spend every penny they get outside of their community, outside of their circle. Now think about that for a minute.

2nd Floor: Politics & Politicians = Political Power

You take that money and wealth that you get from the first floor to the 2nd floor which is “Politics”. You then take that money from the 1st floor and you control the politics, the 2nd floor. Black folks must stop allowing people to tell them to go out and vote. Vote for what? Nobody is going to do anything for Black folks in politics. Politics is control by money and major corporations that have the money. That’s what control politics. If you have no money you have no say and you have no benefits coming to you. Don’t let anyone tell you differnetly.


Build your castle one floor at a time. 

3rd Floor: Police and Court System = Protect & Serve

So you take your money from the 1st floor and you buy every politician on the 2nd floor and if you can’t buy them you rent or lease them to get what you need. Once you get the 2nd floor under control with the politician with your money then you go to the 3rd floor. The 3rd floor is the police department and court systems. You take your money from the 1st floor and your politics from the 2nd floor and you control the court system and the police departments.

4th Floor: Media – Communication = Your Audience

The 4th floor is “Media”. You then take the money you generated from the 1st floor from business and industries and you go after radio stations, television stations, newspapers and cable stations, so that you can now inform and communicate with your own people and target audience.

Right now Black folks only control less than 35,000th of 1% of the media in the United States. Out of 12,000 radio stations Black folks own about 75-80 stations. Blacks own no cable networks. Black people don’t have a daily Newspaper. Black people have nothing of importance. You have maybe one black television station. So you can’t communicate with your own people and you can’t inform your people. Meanwhile, you have Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly talking all kind of bad stuff about Black people and Blacks can’t respond because they don’t own a media platform. These two guys talk about racism all day long, bad mouthing Black folks. You can’t respond, you can’t communicate with your people because you don’t have an economic base.

5th Floor: Your Empire

51% of all the prison population in America are Black people even though Blacks only makeup 13% of the population. That’s no accident. It’s because Blacks don’t control the economics and the politics in their own community. The powers that be, are going to go after the weakest person they can get their hands on to incarcerate them and that’s the Black family. What are people of colour going to do to respond when they over incarcerate Black people? Black people are going out to march or perform a demonstration. Who really cares? Marching, crying crocidill tears and singing the blues has and will never change anything.


Build your castle one floor at a time. 

The Black Question Mark:

You are # 1 in beer sales, pork sales, sneaker sales, sex, drugs, sports, prison time and getting our ass beat by police.  Collectively, we  are at the bottom of this society, if not the world.  It’s not by accident and it’s nothing to be proud of. It’s called, being a permanent underclass. Then you turn around and say you love your people and you love your family but you leave your children, young and old with nothing but some tired worn-out shoe leather and a empty method to obtain power. Then again you may see things differently.

There’s a difference between wanting “Scrimp” and eating “Shrimp”.  “High class” clash with “No class”. Knowing the difference between a “Stripper” and a scripper is “Priceless”.

Hidden Colors…


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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