Ice Pick Killah Part 2: The Making Of “Jack Frost Binder”

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How a submerged sea of rage surface a mental storm of schizophrenia and turns a person’s life upside down.  

An animal is unpredictable and dangerous; a monster that should be isolated and placed inside a locked cage away from society. However, as we all know the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.

ice pick killah.jpg

Ice Pick Killah

The homemade flyer with the caption “Missing” displayed 6 young men who vanished into the night. Just another picture added to the list of nameless faces never to be claimed or found. One would think the community would be more cooperative.

A police officer took blood samples from the scene and gathered up the evidence of an ice pick, bagged, tagged it, took the items to the precinct, placed them inside a folder and filed it away inside a draw under the name “Serial Homicide – Ice Pick Killah – Cold Cases”.  It was an election year and none of the authorities wanted to uncover what may be hidden inside the boarded up abandon houses throughout the hood. It seemed as if nobody cared about gang members gone missing.

The police seem to know the person(s) doing the killings may have spent time in jail due to the nature and style of the crime.  Homemade throwaway ice picks and blood from all of the vic’s was always left at the scene of the crime. It was reported a man was seen putting a body inside the back of a grey 4 door suv shortly after hearing a man scream for help.

Ice pick.jpg

Ice Pick Killah

For a little more than 7 years Jack had left evidence along with his deposable ice pick calling card behind as he bounced from foster homes state to state in search of his birth father, Earl Campbell, who escaped from a mental intuition up in Attica. Jack wanted to catch up on old times and heard that his father was living in Atlanta. There were so many questions to ask and so many answers to be given therefore Jack planned a surprise visit and to repay a small debt that was long overdue.

Jack’s fathers name is absent on his birth certificate and his mother, Regina, never told the truth about her altercation until recently. Regina Goslowe was a notorious crack addict that worked the streets from can’t see morning til can’t see night. In her scrambled egg state of mind she couldn’t tell the difference of the time or day anyway or who’s really Jack’s father.


Ice Pick Killah

27 year old Jack Binder, step son of Earl “Pastor” Campbell (greedy pastor) drove across Georgia’s state line and made a beeline straight to Atlanta’s southern district in search of his father. Jack figured that he could find his father circling like a vulture, near a school or playground nearby therefore Jack parked across the street of the first playground he found.

Like father like son, Jack began to scope out the unknown territory while sitting in the car smoking sour from the tree of life. Jack didn’t care to notice the “Drug Free School Zone” sign located on a pole right next to his suv.  He started star gazing; watchin those young girls playing in the park.  He found himself rubbing on his shyt til he had gotten an erection.  A highly excited Jack had gotten himself turned on and took full advantage of his view by unzipping his pants to play with himself while checking out the pretty smooth baby soft skin, that silky hair wavin, tight sexy jeans wearin and havin to be home by 11pm type of youngin.  Of course, he’s looking to drink from that fountain of youth, literally speaking.  Jack stroked then held firmly in his hand “Jack n Da Box” and waved it around for all to see.  Jack got a kick out of seeing the facial expression of young girls when he’d let his 11 ¾ inch penis pop out of his pants.

Jack has an old woman back at home but if you let him tell it he’ll say, the trill is long gone. Jack said, “As for the old sperm bank back east, you know the ole silver dollar doesn’t bounce back off of the ole silver back gorilla like it use to”.  Jack desires something new not stale. Jack was seen taking pictures of girls in skirts and riding on the swings with his IPad when 2 young teenagers ran pass his truck and snatched it out of his hands. Jack felt like a straight up sucka who played himself with his dyck hangin out its cave.

The two punks ran through the park and ducked into the train station to complete their getaway. Jack would give chase but the two young thugs were too quick, as they laughed looking back. These two wolves are white top, felons; crack vile sellin known in the hood as rice & gravey producers thowin up decues. All Jack could do is watch as they go through the turnstile gate.  Jack swore he’d get revenge for the blatant five finger discount and disrespectful laughter.

This side distraction would later play itself out at a later date but the thought of riding the train had came to mind as another way to run into his long lost father, killing two birds with one ice pick.

take out.jpg (8)

 Jack’s father, Pastor Earl 1989

The Jacket:  

Name: Earl Campbell

Alias: Pastor

DOB: 10/16/1968

Race: African American

Height: 6’-2”

Hair Color: Black

Place of Birth: Myrtle Beach, VA

Charge: Child Molestation U/16 & Assault

Case File: Open Warrant

Earl Campbell was convicted for child molestation of his step son, Jack Binder and the murder attempt of Regina Goslowe, the mother of Jack, a paraplegic who was severely beaten and left for dead on a abandon tenant building rooftop. Earl, a jailhouse clergymen found god and became a born again Christian while serving time in the penitentiary and had told others he didn’t have any children. Pastor Earl escaped from Attica’s psych ward during the riots that took 24 lives and manage to relocate to the South under another name.

This two time felon is currently on the FBI’s most wanted list as a fugitive. Earl’s escape was in concert with a contact he had made during a short stay in the infirmary.  The jailhouse pastor hid amongst the dead and was carried out in a body bag during the chaos. He only served 3 of his 17 year prison term.

mommy & daddy.jpg

In the beginning Regina and Earl had complementary skills which complimented one another. He’d pay she’d slurp.  He’d pay some mo and she’d ride n hide da pole playing her position, very well. However, the knife cuts both ways. She was once a friend that turned into a trick who ultimately became a frienemy.

Black in Da Day:

Since birth, Jack’s mother hated the sight of her son. Jack reminded her of a evening she’d rather forget. Jack’s father had broken his mother’s heart; more like smashed it against a Brooklyn city wall and chopped her legs off from the knees down cutting them into 20 tiny pieces after he was told that she was pregnant with his child.  Earl placed each tiny piece of limb inside plastic jars with alcohol to preserve them as a trophy. Shortly after, Earl washed his hands with a bar of soap in the rain and was done with her, leaving Regina’s body on the roof, inside a pigeon coop located on top of an abandon apartment building to bleed out, in hopes that would do the trick, abortion wise.

How long will it last? Nicca you don’t have to ask. Regina Goslowe was a day late and two dollars short from her next fix. Regina wasn’t the sharpest knife in the draw but she was cute, not wifey boo material no one would ever think of her this way mainly because she thought slow and collected SSI checks that kept her head above water. Back in the day, when she was walking, Gina was a $20 hoe easily but her chest looked like a hand ball court. She had a little bubble to bounce off her back wall before the crack pipe came into play and got hold of her ass and chased it away. She then started doing tricks, suckin dycks and letting nicca’s smash & dash just fo da cash, on the roof top of an old building she use to live in, as a child, which is now also abandon.

One day Gina had gotten wise and grew tired of feeling like a hole in the mattress and decided to live a more meaningful and productive life.  Earl, an observant closet homosexual, who couldn’t wait to exhale, was vigilant and on guard of her mild retardation state of mind.  He didn’t want to win a all expense paid trip upstate and hangout with the rest of his cousins.  He pictured his punishment from fellow inmates would be severe should the word leak out about his DL shenanigans. After a month of fooling around he tried to crawl out of the closet and call it off but Regina wasn’t having it and had other plans for her money train. Regina said, “You’re going to be a dad sucka so get my child support ready and run me my money cause it’s comin, nicca. That’s my word, now say somethin smart. I dare you”.

take out.jpg (6)

It’s easy to hide and do nothing, create walls around yourself, turn the lights off and shut the world out. When you harvest hate, revenge, pain and resentment you create a poison that will consume your body.

Present Day:

Jack purchased disposable gloves to secure his finger prints and he wore a hooded body suit to conceal his DNA. Jack armed himself with 2 homemade ice picks. One ice pick was strapped across his back which sat slightly below the back of his neck. Jack had made two homemade ice pick holsters, one that fit in between his shoulder blades. He created a forearm holster and with the correct pressure applied the ice pick would project outward, into the palm of his hand for quick results and a surprising kill.

Jack started riding the iron horse and scoped out the train station counting 8 video cameras; 2 on the platform, 3 in the stairwell and 3 cameras on the ground level leading to the connecting Marta bus line.  Big brother is always watching. One camera on the stairwell was broken which left a small window of opportunity should his vic take such a route. He also had to consider passenger(s) recording video from their cell phones for a reward.  He didn’t want to be seen on YouTube greatest hits or  After riding the trains for 3 weeks his time served began to payoff.

One late evening joy riding the train pulls into a station and one of the young thugs that stole Jacks IPad jumps on the train.  The kid recognized Jack as soon as the train doors opened. The young man tried to play it cool and didn’t make eye contact, sat in a seat across from Jack which was his first mistake. The young man was a bit shaken and felt things just might pop off.  He kept his head down low and pulled his hat down to cover his face but it was too late, Jack had already seen his young to be vic. This wasn’t the dude that actually snatched his IPad it was the other kid that was with him.  This bitch is going to pay for hangin wit the wrong crowd and pay dearly for his poor judgment. Man phuck his gang signs and his affiliations.

The principle outweighed the pros and cons. Jack felt as if he was disrespected all ova again especially now sitting across from him. This bitch ass helped violate Jack and revenge just happens to be a dish best served cold.  Jack summons for backup and begins to zone out.  Hate began to consume Jacks thoughts.  He wanted to crush a young thug wind pipe with his bare hands.   Should this young fool be reincarnated he’d return to earth as a cripple, death mute with a short life span. He also reflected on a scene from “American Me” by stabbing his assailant repeatedly delivering liver and kidney shots just to see him squirm and hear him squeal then choke on his own blood. He envisioned the young lad succumbing to his power after kicking and fighting feverously for his life.  This little nicca will have to do, for now. The thought of this sick nature made Jack radiate a dark energy which gave him a crazed glow that exuded enthusiasm.

The back of Jack’s head began to pound with increasing pressure pressing against his temple.  His eyes rolled to the back of his head as he began to hear voices within trying to come to the surface. Jack felt weight upon his right shoulder as the voices started to get louder and clearer than ever. There wasn’t any Tylenol made to ease the pain as Jack was about to be reintroduced to his invisible friend “Captain Bone Dog”.

Bone Dog

 Atlanta’s Ice Pick Killah will be looking at 30 years to life for premeditated homicide.  Should Jack continue to hold malice for a crime that was committed against him would be considered a heinous crime that would be forever viewed as being evil and monstrous?  It’s never worth destroying and to throw away a life because of an IPad.  Will this shocking act create a scandalous wicked story that will be told to children for years to come? Could Jack ever find peace within, forgive and turn the other cheek?

El Capitan:

Introducing “Captain Bone Dog” a pure predator and catalyst/troubled enzyme guiding and directing Jack’s hand in every assault, emerges. Bone Dog walked up and down the right shoulder of Jack yelling, “You gonna sit there and let that little mutherphucka stick his middle finger up at you?  It’s that little phucka that took yo shyt. You should take his shyt and make him feel da max payne. Cut him, stab him den phuck him in da ass and make him bleed.  Check his colon Jack. I don’t know why I love blood so much, it just be like callin me.  Slide and hide the beanstalk, Jack. Snatch that goose by the neck then shake’em and make him shyt a golden egg, Robinson Crusoe his bitch ass let’s explore and go where no man has gone before then watch him try to walk it off.  Phuck it, make him damage goods fo da rest of his life. Vegetable soup his ass is how I see it. Let’s visit his family and bring a six pack of V8.  In fact, let’s follow him home and do his entire family.  We do need another place to hang low you know. Besides, the way you smellin, Jack, you gonna need to wash and a change of clothes too”.

Jack mumbled, “I’m gonna kill him with it”. Bone Dog replied, “If you get caught blame it on me. I got your back for eva. It’s me and you against the world my nicca”. The young dude looked up feeling as if all eyes were on him but it was only Jacks eyes glaring at him. The younin also thought Jack had said something to him thinking to himself that it’s about to pop off.  “Shh” Jack said, “Not on the train with all these people ready to rat.  I’m gonna take his wallet and get the rest of his family. I’m starting to get hungry too and we need to change rides”.  Bone Dog said, “now you’re talking like a man wit a phuckin plan”.


Ice Pick Killah

It’s On:

It’s Halloween night, Jack’s mother’s birthday and the time was right. Their stop had arrived and the young kid, now feeling at ease stood up and walked to the train door. Jack stood up and stood behind him. When homeboi saw Jack’s massive reflection through the train car window he feared the worst as he should.

As the train came to a halt, the doors opened the young man and Jack step off the train and head for the stairwell. Everything is going as planned. Jack acted as if he was scratching his neck and reached behind to secure the nickel plated ice pick, in his hand. Only a few people had gotten off the train with them. Jack followed the young boy down the first flight of steps and seized the moment in the dead spot of the landing where one of the cameras was broken. The youngin tried to walk faster and make a quick dash for the second landing.

Jack moved in quickly and snatched the little shyt by the back of his neck squeezing him so tight the boy couldn’t move let alone speak, saying unto him, “Holdup, let me talk to you little nicca”. Jack slammed him against the wall face first breaking his nose in the process. “Now I know you remember me bitch don’t you”? Jack looked around the platform letting two people walk by. Jack whispered in the young man’s ear, “Make a sound and I’ll do you right here and now”. With his left hand wrapped around the back of dude’s neck, Jack started to force the kid to talk but Bone Dog didn’t want to hear it and said, “Trick or treat mutherphucka I bet you didn’t expect to see our ass now did you? Phuck talkin Jack the clock is ticking, stick and move, nicca”.

Jack frost

Ice Pick Killah

With his right hand Jack slides the ice pick into his prey and moves it around in a circular fashion. Bone Dog jumps up and down saying, “That’s what I’m talkin bout jig him again. Wait phuck him on the staircase, Jack”. As blood drips from the young man’s mouth Jack bent the kid over the railing and took him like the lil bitch he was.  Jack unzips his pants and says, “It’s time to check your colon, nicca. You like to take shyt, huh? I got something for ya to take. I’m gonna make you remember me foeva”.

Jack takes his ice pick and sticks it right up the ass of the young man who lets out a scream that could be heard two blocks away.  With the ice pick Jack stabs holes in the young man pants for easy entry. You already know how the rest goes down. Jack didn’t leave from up top to do southern prison time in a red state, but when two young neighborhood wild hyenas licked him for his precious goods he took it personal and felt some type of way about the entire ordeal and the embarrassing pain not to mention a bruised ego. Jack said, “My mother brought me that IPad”. Jack snapped and must have said phuck it.

Bone Dog said, “Really dude, on the staircase, on the public staircase? What the phuck are you thinking? Nicca, I was only playin. I thought we were going to follow him home? Please tell me you took his wallet”. Bone Dog looks down and says, “Too late now. Hey asshole, how does it feel to have your shyt pushed back?  Jack, give me some nasty. Stick your finger in his cookie batter and stir the pot good. Remember you gotta smooth out the chunks at the bottom”.  Jack jumped all in his ice cream ass like sprinkles, pumping in a frenzy. Bone Dog says, 9, 10, 11  I love 100mg of Viagra. 14, 15, 16, 17 oh my god Jack he’s losing consciousness. Look at his eyes, it’s not a good sign. Jack, I think you’re beating a dead horse, here. Oh shyt Jack, pump your brakes. We got company”.

Three of APD’s finest appear with their guns drawn running up the stairs and surround Jack. An officer yells, “Freeze.  Drop your weapon and slowly take your dyck out of the man’s ass.  Jack gets in 3 more pumps proving to the cops just who’s world it is, before he pulls himself out of the now limp man’s rectum.  Jack drops the ice pick, admiring the new hole he just dug. The officer instructs Jack to “Turn around and lay on the ground but first put that shyt back inside your pants”.  As the little man falls to the ground, head first, Bone Dog laughs and says, “You’re on your period now, nicca. I bet you’ll think twice before you rip someone off again. Jack, just remember to tell them I did it. We’ll be out before you know it, homie”.

A female officer says, “I’ll put that away for you”. The  officer puts her department issued 9mm back into her holster and walks towards Jack.  Her partner shouts, “Roxanne”. The female officer turns around and says, “My bad. I was just trying to be helpful”. Jack seizes the moment and grabs Roxanne holding her in a choke hold and flashes his forearm ice pick against the side of the officer’s neck, demanding the officers to drop their weapons. Jack presses his semi jimmy up against the officer’s butt wiping shyt all over her uniform. Roxanne leans back to feel the full Monty and ignors the smell.  A calm Roxanne says, “Do as he says. I’m okay”. Jack said,  “I’ll gut her before you get off a shot now drop’em. Drop the guns now and kick them to me.

The two officers put down their guns.  Jack was nimble but he wasn’t too quick and managed to move in and pick up the two guns and made the two officers handcuff themselves to the staircase hand railing. Jack takes both officer’s utility belts and shoots both officers in the knee caps.  Bone Dog says, “Good thinking Jack now snatch up the car keys and bring the chick for leverage. We’ll have to bust out of this state. Hey Jack the way she is leaning on your shyt it looks like we’re going to have some fun on the way back home. I just wish we could keep her. Jack, can i play with the sirens”? 


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…




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