Jack Frost Binder Part 3: Take Out Menu


Although the hospital’s psych ward had a much better view it was the state that picked up the tab on Jack Binder’s gated community, a private room which included meals and an indoor/outdoor weight room, up in Attica.

Jack’s scheduled to be moved from main population and into isolation quarters later in the week. The warden had been getting too many complaints about Jack’s shenanigans.

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Jack Frost Binder: Take Out Menu

The Jacket:

Name: Jack Binder

Alias: Frost

DOB: 10/16/1997

Race: African American

Height: 6’-7”

Hair Color: Black

Place of Birth: Myrtle Beach, VA

Charge: Manslaughter, Kidnapping, Rape & Assault

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Jack Frost Binder: Take Out Menu

The four walls of Jack “Frost” Binder’s bed & breakfast suite were faded and covered in ghetto hieroglyphics. There wasn’t a fob or access card to swipe for entry nor was there a cable show viewing available on Cinemax, HBO or Showtime movies to watch, just slow hard time, stories and memories of yesterday.

Normally, he’d zone out and imagine the sweet scent of tropical island sand which would fill his nostrils allowing him to escape, run wild, naked into the night and hide within these center block walls but today and defiantly tonight was going to be historically different as Jack started to day dream and envision his “Take Out” menu request; a rapid water dance upon flesh.

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Jack Frost Binder: Take Out Menu

Sadly this morning, Jack’s imagination failed him and with the help of Jacks trusted friend, Bone Dog, the main population is about to be reminded and for all those that don’t know will soon find out how Jack had gotten his nickname, “Frost”.

Jack, no longer could picture a soothing view of the sun reflecting across the face of the ocean. There wasn’t any palm trees to sit under; no shade, no cool breeze or any protection was available to cover him from the light. There wasn’t a radio station he could tune in to so he could tune out his surrounding environment. His mind couldn’t recreate the sound effects of the ocean waves working against its current which, in the past, always penetrated the thickness of these prison walls.

Instead, it was the constant pounding in the back of his head that formed into a full blown headache which wouldn’t allow him to gather his thoughts properly. Some of the methods that worked in the past couldn’t be obtain or applied in the present and on this day the voices in his head finally returned. There will not be any peace or tranquility at this present time as Jack methodically starts to mull over and take mental notes of his “Breakfast Offering”.

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Jack Frost Binder: Take Out Menu

The scent and précising smell of homemade soap filled the air. Jack’s invisible friend, the little one that sits on his shoulder, his arch nemesis “Captain Bone Dog”, resurfaces from his long deep sleep.  A while back Bone Dog told Jack “Should you get into trouble just blame it on me”. Jack reminded his little friend that “nobody can actually see you”. Bone Dog replied, “That’s not my problem now is it? Hey, do you smell what’s cookin in da kitchen? It’s time to go fishing, nicca. Just bait da hook. Bait da hook nicca please just bait da muthaphuckin hook”. The last time ole Jack listened to Bone Dog it cost Jack a 30 year sentences.

Meanwhile, the sound effects of tired, heavy feet draggin and splashin water during group showers became the center of Bone Dog’s focus. Jack couldn’t block out the sound effects of water bouncing off of fellow inmates. Jack began to smell himself. The odor that came from him was a sign for him to wash his own ass, two weeks ago. He began to slowly pace back and forth in hopes of drowning out Captain Bone Dogs chatter along with the additional sound effects of hell; fist pounding to flesh, cursing; diarrhea of the mouth and the occasional human cry for help which constantly echoed throughout the prison tiers.

Jack’s cellmate, I mean bunk buddy had seen this scene before and also starred in Jack’s mini movie, “Homeboi, Take Dat Shyt Off”. Homeboy, stood in the corner of the cell frozen, like a roach in the kitchen after the lights had come on; hoping that Jack would not place him back into the infirmary. Homie couldn’t sit down just yet cause he hadn’t gotten his stitches removed from last weeks water dance besides he’s still on a liquid diet due to his jaw is still wired shut. Yep, thanks to ole Bone Dog, Jack ripped homboi a new one while placing his jaw on permanent ice.

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Jack Frost Binder: Take Out Menu

There’s no virtual reality or video games made to capture the essences of zoo warfare; lifestyles that the prison system partakes. On the real, it’s criminology at its finest; beings no longer being human towards one another. Rehabilitation in a correctional facility is rarely obtained. It merely starts with the individual, first. However, therapy at the moment isn’t working and on top of that Jack has stop taking his meds which spells trouble. Jack’s hunger pains swim to the surface. His stomach begin to growl for some steamed trout.

The correction officer on post is a newbie and didn’t read Jacks Jacket; ensuring Jack did not mingle, strip and slip into the showers with the main population where he could embrace his fellow inmates. Frost caught the new jack officer doing his rounds and gestured to him that he was ready to take his morning shower. There’s a storm brewing and it’s the right time to go fishing with his buddy, Bone Dog. Bone Dog pops up on Jacks shoulder and says, “Captain, nicca don’t forget I’m a Captain my nicca”.

As Jack stood up it was clear that he had already intimidated the newbie C.O. who will be later noted as the fool who opened the cell door of a predator. Jack, dressed only in a towel, began his walk down the tier towards the showers. As he pasted by fellow inmates whisper to each other “bath n breakfast time” while others whisper “captain crunch”. Binder could smell fear a mile away and the air was filled with uncertainty. Just like sweet, fresh meat falling off its bone a barbeque of a roast, today’s catch comes to mind as the showers become the perfect barbeque mosh pit to steam and debone some trout.

Gangland bird calls echo through the tiers informing others the weather is about to change. Seasoned veterans make their exit to safety. Thugs playing games in the water cut their lines and abandon their territory as the chill of “Frost” enters the shower with the look of wildness in his eyes. Bone Dog already has a hard on and shouts, “Let the games muthaphuckin begin”. As Jack makes his historic approach he began to reflect upon his mother a paraplegic crack head which only turns young Jack into zombie mode.

The steam from the water formed sweat pellets upon the walls as the beads formed a circle on and around the top of Jack’s bald head. As Jack enters the shower upon arrival he removes his towel exposing his weapon of choice making recommendations of today’s choice as he presents “The Menu”.

Captain Bone Dog yells, “Aight nicca’s listen up today’s treats will include imported vegetables of your choice located on the appetizer section below labeled “Special Catch of The Day”.

  1. Stunned Frozen Roach on a Rope
  2. Stupid & Young Fresh Fish in a Net
  3. Shaken Freaky Fruit in a Basket.

Jack eye balls a young prospect splashing around and about his pit and corners him between a cold wet wall and Bone Dogs hard offering. Captain yells out at the top of his lungs “Houston, the eagle has landed”. Jack adds, “You better not make me chase you. Now drop and give me 20 and while you’re down there say hello to my little friend”. Jack looked at the fish and said “Bitch, don’t I know you? I don’t forget a face. Wait a minute”.

Captain Bone Dog says, “Yo das da muthaphucka that stole your laptop”. Jack said, “My Ipad. You’re the little bitch I’ve been looking fo”. Bone Dog says, “You done phucked up now. Here comes da pain. Get at him. Make him feel all of it. Oh, boy I wanta play, you have all the fun”. Jack grabs the young vic by the throat and says, “I’m gonna enjoy this. Yeah, I’m gonna make you my bitch, now drop and give me 20 and if you bite down and play like you got lock jaw and shyt, I’m gonna bust your bubble den place you in the infirmary and trust me when I tell you-you will see me again each and every night before you go to bed. I’m gonna unwrap your package and rattle your phuckin cage then phuck you til you pass da phuck out. God must be a pretty muthaphucka. Now how do you want it liquid or solid”? It’s time to shake and rattle the gate of the candi shop, my nicca.

Bone Dog said, “Look at the roach, look at the roach, lights out muthaphucka. Don’t forget the Kool-Aid packs Jack. Let me sprinkle some on him”.

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Jack Frost Binder: Take Out Menu

The Profile:

Jack Binder, better known as “Jack Frost” due to his impressive and intimidating muscular size, looking like a 6’-7”, 290lb miniature incredible hulk with a 11 ¾” penis, had earned his nickname in several ways, while in prison. The name “Jack Frost” was given to him because when he walked into a room some people froze and thought of the worst, especially new inmates and oldies butt goodies. No pun intended. Former victims would instantly have phuckin amnesia and choose not to notice the whale swimming in a puddle nor could they smell the black elephant sitting in the room. People had problems identifying him in a lineup after they had seen him again.

Jack’s last name “Binder” was unique to his sex crime profile were he would place his victims in hospital restrains and “bend them” over a giant wood barrel only to have his way with them for days, until they pasted out while he pass down his new law; thou shall smash dat ass and appraise him. He enjoys serving pain upon his victims, hearing them squeal while underneath him as he used the wood barrel as a levy, aiding him in his criminal assault, rolling the barrel back & forth during the attack. It displayed a new meaning of “Look Ma, no hands”.

Binder Rules:

Don’t let him have his favorite homemade honey jam in hand. When out n about, and on the prowl, Jack would grease himself down and test drives his new formula. Jack enjoyed watching 9 1/2 inches of his 11 inch tool slide in and disappears into a little nicca’s trunk. If Jack liked you he’d place powder grape kool-aid across your lips and lick it off. If you pissed him off he’d serve you with a subpoena; his entire staff. Actually every vic seemed to piss jack off since Bone Dog could only hold his dyck and watch the fire works.

If you passed out during his rapture he’d bitch jap smack you silly until you woke da phuck up then he would start over again. Jack wasn’t happy until he’d witness blood and don’t let him get a hold of 100mg of Viagra then the party would get “turnt up”. You either played catch, roll ova and back it up fo daddy or get swole da phuck up and have yo shyt taken then stretched. The choice is yours but to Jack if it ain’t rough it ain’t right. You can have anything on the menu. Now, should you find yourself in a position whereas you have to dine out then it’s recommended to just order from the lunch special, it’s quick and it comes with a free soda (plastic straw’s included). To Binder drawing blood a sign of great accomplishment and respect.

“Frost”, an expert game fisherman, welcomed the new fish that entered his pond with open boxers. Check the picture below and see for yourself. When Jack cast his nets and claimed his prize the entire cell block wouldn’t dare to come behind him. Jack Frost’s calling card was well known around the unit; even the C.O.’s didn’t want any problem. Only the turtles (riot squad) and the warden had some leverage.

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Jack Frost Binder: Take Out Menu

With a rough childhood and Christmas constantly on Jack’s mind the word had gotten out that Binder liked “gift wrapped packages”. To translate and to not go into any further details, he enjoys ripping off his victims clothes down to their underwear where he’d shank a tiny hole and let his main instrument do the rest of the job. Jack would sometimes call this virgin booty, period pucci.

Jack’s profile was based on his brutal “Take Out” menu mentality which served as a list of want oppose to his need. He would bring a brand new meaning to ordering “Take Out”. It’s all about domination and control, over his vic’s. Afterwards, he would eviscerate and eat body parts of his prey, leaving little to no evidence behind. No pun intended. There’s seven days in a week which only means the items on the menu would change, daily. It all depends on Jack’s appetite and mood. You see, there’s prison etiquette to this shyt.

To be continued…


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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