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When she entered the main entrance lobby Brutha could smell her perfume before she walked into view. She hadn’t gotten around the corner before the hairs on the back of his neck stood on its end. The sound of her heels gently hitting across the marble floor revealed she was not a heavy chick, breaking toe nails with every step. No, her walk was different; it had the sound of class attached to it as if she was properly raised. There was something else in the air but Brutha couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Nonetheless, he was intrigued and found himself on the edge of his seat.

By the time lady had made her way around the corner and to the front desk lobby area Brutha was already sold. She walked towards him smiling. The sight of her matched her sweet White Linen aroma. With a halo over her head it hurt just to look upon her. The sight of her reminded him of his own loneliness. Baby gurls scent made him weak. Brutha quickly reminded himself she was here to visit someone else. Her curls and plainness made her unforgettable, no foundation neither additives nor any meat byproducts were included. Honey was all natural. Bryer’s Ice Cream two scoops please. Brutha couldn’t take his eyes off of her leaving him exposed.

Sistah announced herself by using the name of “Toi”. Brutha tried to play it off but the cat was out the bag. Honey already knew and was all too familiar with the lil lost boy look that was upon his face. When their eyes met she was able to look right through him. Brutha tried to look away as Toi said, “I wish my friend would look at me that way”. She smiled and shook her head then added. “I’d give my right arm for a look like that”. Dumbfounded, Brutha scrambled for words but the only thing that would come out was “What do you mean”? Toi, looked at him with the expression reading “Really, dude”? Quick on his feet Brutha said “You killed it from the door”. Toi replied, “What do you mean”? Brutha returned the facial expression which read, “Whateva Sis”. Toi then walked slowly towards him and said, “No, talk to me”.

Brutha smiled and asked for permission to speak freely. Toi gestured her approval. Brutha said, “Baby Gurl you phucked me up with your perfume, at the door. I didn’t even see your face and I was already turnt out and became a fan. I see people, women all day and that type of shyt just doesn’t happen to me cause, you know, I be trying to master my smooth n shyt. But no, you just walk on the scene and phuckup my entire cool. (Sucker Punched) I’m like who the phuck is that”? A smiling Toi replies “I did all of that”? Brutha replied, “Stop playing” and shook his head. Toi filled out a parking pass slip and gently handed it to him and said I’m going to Unit # 2610. That was Mr. Brown’s unit. Some nicca’s have all the luck. Toi backed spin on one heel and started walking towards the elevators and in one motion turned around to press the elevator button. She did a full swirl to give Brutha the full effect. Her bubble swallowed what appeared to be her panties. Oh how Brutha wanted to know and had become instantly jealous, of her panties that is.


He had this instant flash of lying between her legs and licking her from the crack of her azz to the split of her hidden lips. In his mind he was kissin and lickin it like a Welch’s Grape ice pop. He wasn’t thinking about penetrating. He wanted to simply enjoy her and the moment. Heaven’s gate couldn’t be any more delicious; a Ritz cracker experience. It was her world, all about “Toi” and he wanted to sit in her backyard and enjoy her playground offering and pluck every string on her harp ever so gently. Brutha’s mind was already in-between what he figured to be her thong. He shook his head again and said to himself “Man I need a woman cause this shyt is driving me crazy”. Brutha knew his lust was simply due to his boo lovin deprivation. As the elevator door opened Toi walked towards the door and looked back and asked, “Did you see my father today”?

Baby gurl is Mr. Brown’s daughter? He thought to himself and said “No, not today”. Toi looked surprised, said thank you looking down to the ground, stopped and asked Brutha if she could ask him a question. With his eye brow raised Brutha said, “Sure”. Toi, halfway inside the elevator walked out and asked, “Who’s fighting for you? Who is beating down your door? Who’s blowing up your phone? What woman is trying to be by your side and proving it? Scrambling for words Brutha asked, ‘Where is this coming from”? Toi smiled and said “Do you always answer a question with a question”? Brutha thought to himself “She just hit me with my own shyt”.

Brutha looked at her with the softest eyes and with a hint of water mustering his reply, “No one; nobody is fighting for me or for my love. Nobody is going hard”. Toi replied, “I’ve been watching you and you keep checkin for women that don’t check for you in the same manner. What’s wrong with you? Stop selling yourself short. Know your worth”. Her voice and her words where too familiar. It was like, conformation. Toi added, “Just as a woman want a man to prove that he’s worthy of her love the same worthiness should apply when it come to your love. Know your worth and stop acting like a dog chasing a mail truck especially when the truck is not chasing you”.


Brutha asked, “Do I know you? You said you’ve been watching me. I don’t remember ever seeing you before”. Toi smiled walking back into the elevator and replied, “I pass you all the time and you’re too busy to notice me, until now”. The elevator door closes with Toi inside the elevator. Brutha followed her from the CCTV monitor but lost track of her as the elevator monitor began to display a snow like picture for about eleven seconds. Mr. Brown enters the building and Brutha has a blank look on his face, greets Mr. Brown and says, “Good evening Mr. Brown your daughter has just gone upstairs”. Mr. Brown looks up, turns around and says, “Thank you young man. I just buried her, my only daughter, this morning”. Mr. Brown drops his head and added, “She was the light of my life”. (Brutha’s now searching for the woman’s parking pass) Mr. Brown pulled out a picture and showed it to Brutha and said, “Toi brought Joy into everybody’s life. God put his hand on her. She had a gift and she never kept it to herself; so sharing and giving”.

Looking at the picture Brutha didn’t know how to react. He just seen her, this woman and spoke with her only a minute ago. Confused and shaken Brutha searched for the parking slip she had filled out but could not find it and asked Mr. Brown if he could walk him upstairs to his unit. They both had gotten into the elevator. Brutha pressed the button for the 26th floor. Mr. Brown started crying and Brutha put his arm around him to console a grieving Mr. Brown. Mr. Brown said “Son, why her”? Guarded and a little dazed Brutha replied, “She’s in a good place”. The elevator door opened and they both walk towards Mr. Brown’s door. As Mr. Brown unlocked his door Brutha walked in first looking around to see if anyone was inside his unit. Mr. Brown asked, “What’s wrong son can I fix you something to eat”?

Sensing his experience was surreal Brutha turned to Mr. Brown, smiled and said “Thank you kind sir but I have to return to the lobby. Your Baby Girl is with you. I feel her presents”. A weeping Mr. Brown said “Thank you son. I’m sorry you never had gotten to met her. She was on her way home from college and had gotten into a car accident. God tapped her on her shoulder”. Brutha thought to himself “And she just pulled on my coat”. He looked around the unit and said softly “Thank you, Toi”. Looked at Mr. Brown and said “When a person is blessed one should never keep it to themselves. It’s all about passing it on. Having the chance to know you Mr. Brown I feel I’ve already met your daughter in so many ways. She’s in you and you are in her, in ways that are unimaginable.

A light breeze with a hint of White Linen filled the unit, again a conformation; bearing witness to her greatness. Brutha marveled over the power of the message. The Creator folded and unfold herself. She is now realized. He couldn’t get out of his mind Toi’s words to him. “I pass you all the time but you didn’t notice me”. Brutha “couldn’t see” mainly because his vision was clouded. He was the horse with blinders. For years he was looking for something that was shiny, hollow without substance. He was the monkey with his hand caught in a trap. Brutha eyes have just become opened. Now he can finally “See” what he once looked upon; the person and their gift, trippin over a hollow and empty shell thinking it was gold. (Unwrapping the gift and let the truth be told).

Thank you Toi, for passing through. I see you…

Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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