1. I’d like to thank you for your support and beautiful words of encouragement during my desperate time of need. Thank you Kim. I truly appreciate you.


      2. Agreed… (A moment of feeling goosebumps right now). I blog for me. I express my pain and point of view as my personal therapy. This has become a way for me to live forever. To me this, what we do, is an art form. We are artist expressing ourselves on paper. We are talent. Talent in development. I have pain to release (tamed rage). My goal is to touch someone, to make a person see what they only looked upon. I feel the need to write a book. I have the desire to be published, globally. I have to do more before I’m called to walk with Nana and Papa. Think I owe it to the lost and the voiceless. I’d like to leave something for my children’s children if not more. This entire blog are mere snippets of what’s to come.

        There is going to be a time where I will slip away for awhile. Maybe, every now and again I will give WordPress some finger food to munch on but I really need to get this thing started.


      1. Afternoon ( London time) Harlem. I read your update on the nomination, great to learn a little bit about you but sad to hear you don’t have a fav time of year anymore- that’s a shame. I’m well, the holiday left me feeling refreshed but glad to be back to the city I must say. You’re more than welcome for the nomination- you have a great blog.


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