A Watermelon Tear

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Never cry a watermelon on a pea brain.  Our decisions determine our outcome.

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What you can tolerate you cannot change

If you make only $7 and you settle for only $7 you will never make $8. Staying with a man that beats you only equates to more beatings. I bet he’s telling you he loves you as well. Allowing a woman, who doesn’t have you in her best interest; spending your money without your permission, will make you bankrupt. Having hope and faith is a sad person’s best friend, especially when you’re lonely.

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What you respect you will attract

Your thoughts have a presence. Something you don’t see is greater than what you can see. Having polarity and understanding the difference between esoteric and exoteric is important for continued growth. Whatever is missing in your life is something you do not value. Taking money from your paycheck and putting it in a mutual fund is more important than the amount that is taken out of your paycheck.


You can’t learn from someone you resent especially when you show a displeasure or indignation towards a person.  You can’t learn from someone you envy. When you’re jealous or you just straight up distrust a person one will find it difficult to learn from that person. In short, you can only learn from those that you admire.

What you make happen for others our Creator will make happen for you

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.  Daily routine verses occasional practices. Remember, practice makes perfect. Fried food verses baked food. 100 jump shots or more per day will improve a basketball player’s game to achieve the results he/she desires.

Your rewards in life are decided by the kind of problems you are willing to solve for others. Solve the problem of others next to you and taking care of your external family is very important. Do something for a stranger; someone you don’t know. Pay It Forward


If you insist on taking something our creator did not give to you the Creator will take back something it gave you. Our Creator is not a he or she our creator “IS”…

Everything that is given to you is a gift from our Creator.

An uncommon seed will always create an uncommon harvest.  Keep in mind that you are a walking inventory of seed. Change your seed change your harvest. An uncommon seed: Is a crisis in your life.



Heaven is at the foot of Mother….

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