What Do You Crave?

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Occupationally speaking, what does your body crave? What would you truly enjoy doing if you lived in a world with no pressure, no great expectations or a hidden agenda?

It is possible, maybe even to have a short life full of what you like doing than to endure a long insipid life perpetuating a certain misery. We all know that stress can lead to sickness, cause cancer destroying the host and it also has a way of adding unwanted grey to your hair. (For a woman we all know a Greygina (vagina) is not sexy. Every man understands when little grey soldiers surround his lil man it’s truly not a pretty sight).

If money wasn’t an object what would you do with your life? How would you enjoy spending your life? When it come to your life’s fulfillment what would be your main focus or objective? I want you to take a moment and think about it.


What do you enjoy doing? Teaching, writing, standing on stage expressing your spoken word, coaching little league, playing chess or number painting, it doesn’t matter whatever it is you choose to do make sure your heart is most happy. Never wastes your time chasing after something you don’t like doing just because the pay is good or the reward is great.

If obtaining money is the most important aspect of your life you’ll more than likely spend your entire life completely wasting your time doing the things you don’t like in order to go on living which is to go on doing the things you don’t like doing which is insidious. Many of us raise our children on the same track sending them to school and never tapping into what truly inspires them. The saddest reality is that our children pass it on to their children and so on, repeating a cycle of non-fulfillment but answering the call of advertised expectations.


We should get into the habit of teaching and educating our children to do the same. We can become a master of what we like and love to do and draw a earning as well; to produce an income. Keep in mind whatever it is you enjoy doing there are other people in the world that will support your interest and share your same vision, insight, and passion. Don’t let anyone change your mindset.

(Cloud bubble to self… The Devils Stew)

I wonder if I’d feel the same if my mother was working the cash register, packing grocery bags at the local supermarket, tired, struggling and nothing could be done to change her situation unless she win the lottery. Despite of ignoring the fact that I’ve missed my calling being a struggling actor, in search of my next gig doesn’t help or ease the pain in her aching back.


If I’m an artist, a painter even, just maybe if I could sell one of my master piece paintings to keep my head above water. Although I’m happy being covered in paint hopefully, my woman won’t take the kids and leave me for a more stable man.

As a writer, if only I can get publishing and with the advance money then maybe just maybe I can put a stop on that eviction notice. I sure wish I could purchase my mother the house I’ve always envisioned. I just want the two special women in my life to be proud of me. (Wait a sec… I do need a laptop but mom is more important). Oh, the sacrifices.

Boom Box.jpg

These streets are mean, and in this society money does matter and bills need to be paid or its get da phuck out as your sorry ass bounce up n down against the pavement only to end up sitting on a park bench with my boom box looking stupid as hell.

Never sit in your rockin chair wondering about what if or what I should have done. Do it, let your passion lead you with no regrets. Behold your passion beloved and take flight. Our best teacher is our last mistake…

Never ever give up on your dreams but know when to stop chasing a dream that is not chasing, you.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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