Harlem Keys

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The order may vary…

1. Know your role:

  1. If you are a Production Assistant always remember you are not the Executive Producer or President. You are the help. One day your time will come but as of now you are to get coffee, run errands, time code what is needed to be time coded and make sure you feed a copy to master control, document and place a label on everything.

2. Play your position:

  1. Do your job and do your job, well. Go above and beyond the call of duty. Keep your eyes open and on the prize. Be alert, be early upon arrival and be the last to leave. Be helpful to others.

3. Stay in your lane:

  1. Refer to the first key for clarity. Do your job until you are requested to do other wise. We don’t want any accidents, mistakes or any misfortunes. It’s sorta like driving on the express way; the left side is the fast lane and believe you me, that’s not your lane. It happens to be already occupied by people who’ve earned the right to drive in that lane. Your day will soon come, it’s just not today.

4. Always over communicate:

  1. If you are not sure about anything, ask the people above you, not next to you. I repeat, ask those above you for clarity of instructions’. Email, text message, call and leave a voice mail message of your intentions and or your confusion. It’s always better to be safe than to be out on the street without a job or a place to live all because you didn’t open your mouth or reach out for help. Keep in mind, you can never ask too many questions.


Use Harlem keys together to ensure a strong bond to success.

5. Never play yourself:

  1. More than likely the answer is, No. The least you can do is to act like you know who’s in charge or which big dog is running the show. Always know what’s written on your forehead. If you are not sure just look in the mirror If you don’t know then I am here to tell you. You are support, a role player and nothing more… Don’t get it twisted there’s no short cut to success, it just looks that way and unless you are sleeping with the boss. Just stand in line, wait your turn and be ready when called upon. Smile, bitch. I’m just trying to help.




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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