Lost Then Found

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Holding On

Family… There’s nothing in the world that can replace your love ones. Cherish this gift for it’s merely on loan to you.  Realize the greatness and all that you have before it’s gone for good. Let’s call it “sweat equity”, time spent together.

Holding On

Grandpa holding his little girl reminded me of all the years that were missed. When you’re absent someone else will hold your child, somebody else will get the opportunity to love them the way only you could’ve loved them.  Don’t be a fool and end up ashamed after the dust settles.  You never want the next man bouncing your child on his knee.  Brutha hasn’t held nor told his baby girl “Happy Birthday” in 23 years. Yesterday was her birthday and she’s a woman now.  So much has been missed…

baby gurl

As Brutha stood  outside waiting for baby girl to go to school her mother noticed his effort and covered her eyes so she couldn’t see her father.  The pain that Brutha felt was indescribable. The experience crushed his spirit of hope which changed his life and outlook on relationships, forever.  What kind of woman disappears with a child only to later change her name to erase a memory?  The love that was lost created a void that blew a wind into Brutha’s sail and changed the course of his ship; a crusade to pour himself unto others and to constantly become a better man.


(Cloud bubble… Pain, yeah you’re gonna feel my shyt. I’m talking bout suppressed pane which kids are gonna recite my shyt. So much payne reel nicca’s gonna bite dis and fight ova this shyt.  From the penitentiary to da mutherphucker’s in church prayin on derr knees, you gonna feel, taste and spit this here pain and watch it bleed, flowin in da streets. Just step ova da puddle).

Brutha never was the same and became a day late and a dollar short.  Alcohol and weed consumed him for years. He drowned his sorrow in a cloud of smoke only to wake up with a liquid stupor of reality.  He began to lose faith and questioned everything; telling others that hope is for suckers.  For him life became voices & choices, living and coping with the results. Time has a way of healing. Even the savage beast has its moment of weary.

Holding On

When the storm approaches all we can do is hold on and pray that we all get through it together.  One might not be able to see it or touch it but you sure can feel a presence that’s there  guiding you to safety.  Our Creator is always on time; giving us exactly what  we need oppose to what we want.

baby Gurl

Over the years she started to feel something was different about herself and wanted to learn more… There was a void that needed to be filled.  Her Grandma, brother and cousin told baby girl about her father.  Despite her mother’s effort to keep them apart/separated baby girl used FB to reunite the family and the rest is history.  Simply meaning, his story to rewrite and share.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…


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