A Long Distance Kiss


imagesCARKX51GA Long Distance Kiss

She instantly appeared and it was love at first view and click. A keeper of many, she is… He didn’t bother to ask how she found him as both heads turned and focused. It was more than an Instagram affection which led to his erection. Brutha felt warm all ova as the blood began to steadily flow through his veins and arteries. He couldn’t control his curiosity or the pulsating effect which grew into a swollen passion.

She thanked him for coming. He expressed he couldn’t wait and thanked her for having him. Honey finds herself looking forward to his comments, cloud bubbles, slick fast talkin tongue and devilish charm. She’s cool, calm and collectively smooth with her new internet interest. Baby’s guarded making sure they don’t go too far. They flirt; she blushed, harmlessly into the night. By nights end, Sistah’s panties would defiantly have to come off, to be changed and hung to dry, shortly after their sex texting exchanges. Sistah lays in the bed while having conversations with him, reading and receiving him. In some ways she feels a guilty pleasure about the whole ordeal. Like a box of chocolate covered strawberries, she’s having too much fun. He’ll never blow up her spot. He enjoys making and seeing her happy. This is their little secret, as he’s kept under her bed but when she is not alone Brutha can be found right next to her pillow. She has been looking over his shoulders for some time. She likes what she is reading, smiling at every message, every like and each video pop-up that appears in her inbox from him. She’s unaware of his hovering and watching from a distance but she knows something is up because he’s been quite.

Baby Gurl’s dimples are the kind that makes a man want to kiss and suck them foreva. Sweetie’s caramel skin should be licked from head to toe just to see her face glow and if she tastes differently in other places. Her voice is firm, seductive and passionate and it commands respect along with his attention. She make’s him feel special and wonders if he does the same for her. Nonetheless, she’s his sweetie pie, his private eyes watching with a dose of vitamin C and D. She is simply what the doctor ordered. She came right on time and on cue. She’s a chameleon, champion lover, humanitarian and an overall amazingly great woman. She’s special, no doubt and it’s clear on her page for all to see.

beach frontA Long Distance Kiss

There’s something about her smile, hair, lips and hips. Something about this woman that is different. Brutha can’t quite put is finger on it. Yet he could smell it through the screen and by now he’d do anything to find out if she likes to kiss. He ponders on the taste of the tip of her text teasing tongue, not to mention girlfriend has a set of twins Brutha prayed to God for. He can’t take his eyes off of her “children” “The Girls” the beautiful “Twin Sistahs” he named them. As sure as a deer stuck and struck by headlights, he’s sure they have gotten her into trouble from time to time or every now and again. Sweetie is more than a mouth full. In fact, one hand alone is not enough to properly hold and caress her offering.

As a child, Brutha was never breast fed and if she were near she would find out. He truly appreciates and admires her talent and gifts. He swore in a picture one of her head lights winked at him. She has peaked his interest and wondered what it would be like to lay next to her, holding honey in his arms as he falls to sleep while listening to her heart beat. Brutha dreamed of basking and resting under the warmth of sistah’s Silk Almond milk filled fountain, with every intention of drinking from her cup, slurping, climbing, and making his way to the top of her mountain. If they meet up, will she think about allowing him to plant his flag? Hum. Will Sistah submit and be happily conquered? Does she want to be devoured by his full lips? Or, will she flip the script and jump his bones or play shy? If they lived any closer he’d make it hard for her to concentrate on anyone else. He’s sure to make history if ever given a chance. Deep down she already knows this and she can almost feel him inside… She’ll lock him away into her secret diary. He has a place in her heart. Sistah knows she will never be the same should he ever sketch and engrave his name within her walls. She can’t afford a new spirit to step inside of her right now. Honey places her glass of White Hennessy on the night stand. Does she know the seal is already broken, before the touch? Can she imagine and feel his tongue run across heaven’s gate?

When a woman thinks, dreams and fantasizes about another man it may be in fact be more revealing, than her actually sleeping with that man; her thoughts and feelings are more passionate and personal. How a couple became an item during the course of time while online, before meeting each other face to face.

And some wonder why people are Sleepless in Seattle.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

#MiracleChallenge Week – 7

Challenge # 1






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  1. Very love fledged yet sensual writing and story. I enjoyed each and every bit in this long distance chat. Thank you and Congrats for completing challenge no. 3 🙂


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