Planet Climax

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Giana received and read her text message.  In one motion she took off her black lace lingerie and matching nightgown only to throw on a pair of jeans that was hanging in her walk-in closet.

It was a vision to watch GiGi get dressed.  Gi, slowly pulled her favorite jeans up around her sexy behind which took some creative effort to get into.  No panties were needed for this was not going to take long at all.  The ring of a door bell is heard; a topless GiGi answers and opens the door.  Popi enters, kissed her exposed nipple and walked directly to the back towards the bedroom room.

The Queen, pins up her hair, steps down from off her throne, strips and prepares to perform her late night duty in the nude.  Popi preferred it that way but he had one simple request that she’d have on her Gucci frames that he purchased for her, last week.

A hot cup of peppermint tea sat on the night stand. As the steam evaporated into the air one would later find that this cup of tea would later play a part of a special event.  Popi undressed, spread his legs and laid across the bed expecting his usual treatment.

There wasn’t any verbal communication only sign language was conducted.  G Baby took a few sips of tea, washed it around in her mouth and swallowed.  She did this a couple more times making sure the temperature in her mouth was just right and held some tea under her tongue.  She placed one knee upon the bed and crawled towards him laying sideways between his legs, grasping his crown and jewels into her hands.  Popi closed his eyes anticipating her next move.


Mixed with other fluids stored, GiGi placed and held his royalties down and around the side of her jaw.  Baby Girl’s tongue guided his missile in and out of her silo.  The skin of the right side of her cheek began to pulsate and bulge outward and inward repeatedly which peeked his excitement.  The sight of her Gucci frames moving up and down heightens his arousal because she reminded him of a school teacher he fantasized about as a child.

The reception and education her class offered was more than a warm welcome. Her mouth presented immediate satisfaction which took him to a place in his mind he’d like to stay and live forever. With the tingling sensation informing him that things were about to pop off and spring forth, the reality of his dream coming to a head was about to blow it’s whistle. Popi leant over and inserted his middle finger into her rectum.

An alert GiGi balances herself upon her knees, arched her butt high in the air and angled it so that Popi’s finger could go deeper as she prepared for his missile to launch.  It was more than he could stand before he’d explode and take flight.  With his other hand, Popi grabbed a hand full of G Baby’s hair pressing her head down deeper on it, hitting the back of her throat, as her ankles lift off the bed.

Trying to hold on to his manhood, the pleasures of her sound effects gagging and choking on his offering made his toes curled as he closed his eyes again allowing nature to take its course.  Next stop, planet climax.

Planet Climax

Popi held out for all of 4 minutes.  He pulled then squeezed tight and released his atomic love.  She caught everything.  Not one drop spilled nor did any slide down the side of her mouth.  She was quick with it, better than any Navy Seal and didn’t spit one drop back onto him. No evidence was left behind.  No cleanup was necessary.

Popi had a particular appreciation for her gift.  It made him look at her with respect and with grand admiration, an experience he never had received at home.  Popi was tongue tied, speechless in regards of his short cuming performance.  He couldn’t look at GiGi in her eyes as she came up smiling. If he was any lighter in complexion, Honey would have been able to read his entire story all ova his face.

Popi always found it difficult to leave GiGi and to return home only to look into his wife’s eyes.  He didn’t care.  The way he felt and looked at the situation, if his wife took care of business at home the way GiGi did he wouldn’t take the long way home.  Lol, deep down he knew that wasn’t entirely true.  GiGi put it on him and he would risk his marriage to be with her.

The 80/20% rule.  When 20% becomes better then having no percent. How a little head will make a man lose his mind.  Humm…


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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