Buckhead Suites

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When the upgrade from a boyfriend to a man is overdue. 


Buckhead Suites

She complained about having neck and back pain.  As they walked to the room she was rubbing her neck showing him where it was tight. She opened the door and said come in and close the door behind you.  She walked directly to the bedroom and started to get undressed. He placed her bags on the table and followed behind her. She looked at him from the mirror and he started to rub her back where she said it was sore. She loved the way he made her feel. She said that she is in town to see family and to get away from her cheating and lying boyfriend.

He said “Sounds like you need a man oppose to having a boyfriend.”  She replied “Exactly”.  “A woman like you I’m surprised you are still with him.” He said. You can’t disguise what’s in your heart. I can tell by the look in your eyes you want it just as much as I do.

I just wanna give my love to you.  I don’t want no troubles baby.  Would you mind if I could give you any part of me? Shh, don’t say anything just think about it. I know you have someone back home and I’m not trying to cause any problems. Could you just hold me sweetie? She turns around and places her arms around him. Damn, the feeling is so right and she could not ignore the heat they shared on this night. She released any and all fears as a tear of joy rolled down the side of her face.  For some reason she felt like she was at home whenever she’s around this brutha.

To her it’s more than a dream and it was all worth it, traveling to see him. If any of her girlfriends tried to tell her anything different she wouldn’t be listening. Tonight is gonna be hers. She waited too long for this moment. Suddenly, it started to rain outside and as she listened to the raindrops they had a new meaning while resting in his arms.

Buckhead Suites

Buckhead Suites

She turns around and placed one knee on the edge of the bed.  As she spread her eagle presenting a royal flush he quickly dropped his pants and began to saddle up sliding inside her tightness. He placed his thumb inside her rectum feeling his own tool do it’s thing. Surprised and caught off guard she tried to reach around behind herself to remove his thumb. She thought to herself she never had both holes occupied at the same time and didn’t want him to think she was a freak even though it felt good to her.

He gently smacked her hand away and reached underneath her from the right side grasping her left hip lifting her up and dragging her to the center of the bed. He said, “Your ass is not getting away tonight baby. I’m gonna kill this shyt and give you something to hold for me; something to think about on your way back.” Intoxicated from is Chrome cologne fragrance she thought to herself she would just let him have it and do with her as he pleases. She could not believe how much she’s enjoying herself and the way he is putting it down and taking her precious goodies like a real man would. She just closed her eyes and let them roll to the back of her head thinking just an hour ago she was all up in his face contemplating on a taste. Now he’s living inside her ribs shifting and moving things her boyfriend back home never did.  She wanted to call out for help to her family but she’s a grown ass woman and help wasn’t going to come. Grasping on the bed sheets in search of a pillow to muffle her scream and trying to get a grip on the bed to balance herself from his gentle pounding he turned her over to lay deeper inside her and to look into her eyes.

Kissing and sucking on her butter soft thick lips he thought to himself, shorty likes it slow and he’s not going to finish until she finishes. He leaned forward and whispered into her ear saying.  “Honey don’t have no fear I can feel a climax near. Tonight I’m going to be your better half and you know it’s been over two years since I’ve been with anyone.” He added, “You know what I’ve been missing so please deliver your sweet love and make it sing for me.  She wrapped herself around his waist placed her arms around him and pulled him close and whispered into his ear. “This is yours. I’m not going anywhere”.  He said. “Thank you baby, after our session you will not see my face for the rest of the night cause I’m a little thirsty. I brought my asthma pump with me and I don’t plan to come up for air.” She replied “Oh My God!” Cloud bubble to herself…”I don’t want to go home.”


Heaven is at the foot of Mother….

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