A Woman’s Pet

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A Woman’s Pet

There’s a difference between a Black Woman and a Conscious Sistah.  You can’t fix stupid. When you are in conference with a woman you are being interviewed by an expert.

Lil man let me holla at you for a minute.  You’d be playing yourself chasing after a woman that’s not chasing after you.  Never play the fool unless you’re actually a fool.  That’s what desperate nicca’s do cause they don’t know any better.  In the world we live in, it’s a two way street and the feeling must be mutual.  When it come to women it may be best to pursue a sure thing instead chasing a dream.  Don’t try to be appealing and hope that you grow on a chick, unless you’re a homely troll of a nicca.

If that’s your case stop reading and go sit your simple, sorry ass down somewhere.  In fact, this is a great time for you to take a bathroom break.  Sometimes you gotta pay to play.  Coming behind nicca’s like you is difficult enough because ya’ll have a way of raising da price of pucci.

I hate nicca’s like you but I have to admit I understand my man.  Without a plan you plan to fail.  This topic is not for you.  This right herr is grown man conversation so stand down and fall the phuck back.


A Woman’s Pet

Moving forward… What do I look like sweatin a woman?  A sistah knows from the jump, exactly who she would let lick her shyt and who she will suck da phuck off.  A woman knows the type of man that makes her rock box pop and jump.  Her attraction is clear and precise knowing all too well what turns her on and exactly how to get the dude she has her eyes set on.

A chick will phuck a dude on sight. She will phuck his brains out if she’s feeling him.  Her legs will spread eagle and go anywhere making him feel like he’s cum home.  This chick will be willing to try all most anything to please the man of her choice.  He won’t have to beg her to come over or meet him somewhere.  She’s game from the very start.  All he’d have to do is name the place and time and she’ll make it happen and be there before he gets there.  That’s the dude you want to be not dat other kat which sucks sand in da wind wit no ice, no water or straw.

When she’s on a mission she doesn’t play hard to get wit da dude of her choice.  Of course, some will play dat shy shyt but that’s so a brutha don’t get the impression that she’s fast or slutty.  Remember a closed mouth neva gets fed and women mouth and hands stay open.  Walk me my dude.

dog lover

A Woman’s Pet

You ever check out a woman that owns a dog?  You know one of those bitch type dogs, kept in a carrying bag and shyt.  Those tend to be the women that like to have control.  They strive on having power and being around the powerful.  They literly have that dog eating out of their hands.  They feed that dog on their terms.  They walk the dog when they’re ready.  They’re about training a muthaphucka, but not this kid.  They even have the dog sleeping in the same phuckin bed.  In some cases the dog has its own side of the bed.  Imagine that.  They’ll let that nasty dog lick them all in the face and shyt.  Dogs must be one of the filthiest animals on the planet.  They form relationships with a dog and by the time you walk through the door you gotta fight with a dog for attention and affection. SMH! A dog become a substitute for a child and we are not going to go there.

Women whom are about training a nicca live in a world that’s based on their term.  The dude that’s in a relationship with a dog owner will more than likely have to walk that little bitch, play and feed it.  It plays a part of you earning your keep.  Why do you think she has you around?  It’s not because of your charm, good looks and sexy body.  Nicca please!  Hey, a sucka, I mean a person has to be good for something, right?  Besides, even a woman need some roll ova love. Get it? Roll ova when she wants some sex. She’ll keep you hungry and thirsty for her offering and when she snaps her fingers, your little jimmy will respond and get erect.  After she’s done with you she’ll throw you a Scooby Snack.

Imagne a dog getting more attention than you, lol think about having to compete with a dog and a bitch one at that.  Picture her hugging up on that dog more than she’s huggin up on you.  Remember you are going to have to have a relationship with that dog as well.  That dog is family and you are an outsider.  Doggie blood is thicker than water.  Just like family if you don’t pass the test it will serve as a sign that things are not going to work out, homie.  So keep your suitcase and bags close to the door. (Cloud bubble to self… Why would a temporary nicca bring a suitcase?) Humm.

A Woman's Pet

A Woman’s Pet

To be in a position where you have to grow on a bitch, I mean a chick is wack.  It’s more like she’s doing you a favor just to be around her.  More than likely her answer will always be, no. unless she wants to release a nut and maybe, just maybe she’ll give you a call.  Should she give you a shot at the title, don’t get too excited cause she’s probably just filling in some free time on her calendar.  Her cell phone is like a Rolodex so trust me, homie you are not her first choice. That’s called being and playing da fool.  She’s settling and you having feelings for a chick who’s not feeling you in the same manner only depict the zone you are caught in which is not a leveled playing field.

Nah my son, go for a sure thing.  Don’t be playin the maybe game or make effortless attempts to buy her attention cause you’re not going to get her love.  That’s a sucka’s route.  Unless you tryin to be a convenient nicca.  If that’s the role you wanna play let me get out your way.

Sex with a nicca that grows on a woman has to be the wackest pucci any horny man can experience.  It’s an up hill battle with no light in sight.  You will have to  negotiate and pay for everything.  It’s  her way or the highway my dude and that’s not even cool for school.  Drop kick a bitch to da curb, then  smack yourself hard for hangin around wit yo dumb azz.


A Woman’s Pet

A chick better not ask me how many children I have unless she’s trying to take care of them.  That’s my word.  All they want to do is to figure out how much money is not coming into their household.  Nah, my dude a woman is going to have to pull some other fly shyt out of her azz for me to answer.  I ain’t one to be judged and summed up in a New York minute.  If I did have any children who said I want her to meet them?  It should take more than a big butt and a smile to meet the family.  Should I have a family.

If I don’t ask a woman about her kids or her baby daddy, it’s because it’s really none of my business unless she chooses to bring me inside her world.  When she does that it becomes a different relationship.  Follow me Bruh?

I will wait for a sistah to sell me that kind of information.  She may not feel I deserve to be privileged of such information.  She may need to find out more about me before she opens that door to her heart.  Remember, this woman doesn’t know me from Adam and I don’t know her from Eve.

It’s not about having anything to hide it’s more about guarding your fort and finding more to talk about oppose to going for the throat, slit it and make a final judgment which is merely an assessment.  Don’t fall for the bullshyt cause she stay on the toilet.  She’s going to pull that question out of her ass and smack you in the face wit it and she will be on the watch for your reaction and response.  Trust me she got her girls on speed dial too.  All I ask is to not put me in a situation whereas your ex is going to make me catch a case.  You feel me?

Check this out my dude.  You and I are different.  You appear to be new to the world and kinda thirsty for a woman’s attention. This may work for you maybe it won’t but I demand a little bit more from a woman.  I’m a seasoned vet and maybe I should just let you experience life as it unfolds.  I’m not knocking your hustle and I could never tell you what to do.  I could only suggest.

I’m just not going to let a sistah walk over me and drill me with the 50 questions.  She’s not going to poke and probe as if I’m a horse or a cow on the trading block.  That would be a direct insult, a smack in da face and almost a criminal offense to my character. Smell me?

Look, I know I’m generalizing but if the shyt I’m sayin or talking about don’t apply then let it roll off your shoulder.  I’m not talking bout the low percentage of winners I’m speaking towards the high percentage of the losers.  If it’s not you then I’m sure it’s someone you know.


A Woman’s Pet

There’s a difference between a Black Woman and a Conscious Sistah.    Which one do you have in your life?  Holla at your boy.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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