When a man stops trying to give his woman the world and all that she deserves and he simply stops trying. It’s called loosing interest.  When a woman steps out on a man especially when he’s full of lies and deceit.  That’s not called cheating.  It’s called common sense as she moves forward with her life.

Trina said her husband doesn’t spend time with her anymore and she’s getting kinda lonely. She’d been thinking about window-shopping and said “There’s nothing wrong with looking in the window from time to time”. Her gay friend Wame turns and says to her “I feel some type of way about that. Just as long as you don’t buy anything, girl.” Wame added. “ It helps if you don’t have any money in your purse either honey and don’t try to put something on lay-away cause girl, okay?  I know how you do boo-boo? You hear me Trina?” He added. “Do I have to come with you lovey? Just please Trina, stay away from those young boys at the mall.” (Wame ponders to himself and bites his bottom lip. Cloud bubble to self… Young boyz? Hum, yummy) “On a second thought ladybug I’m coming with…. I do have to pickup some more eyeliner and gloss. Wait girl I’m coming. Slow down, now. Those boyz, I tell ya they be up to no good, child. Walkin around with their tight skinny jeans on. I’m just sayin.”

As Wame rushed behind Trina he stumbled dropping his bag and a box of tampons & pantie liners fell from his Louie bag. The tampons help manage the leaking. As he snatched up his belongings from off the floor, he thought to himself, why get married when you can have so much fun window-shopping menz at the mall? It seems like being the other man is so exciting and dangerous too? Oh lord, he thought. I’m getting a little moist. He gathered himself and yells out to Trina. “Hey girl what size are those shoes you have on? They are too cute.”

Trina’s husband Evan hates Wame like cancer and with a passion. He’d prayed Wame would get ripped a new hole by one of his rectum ranger buddies and get stitched up without any novocain. The thought of his wife having the best of both worlds, a girlfriend/boyfriend all wrapped into one was dangerous, disrespectful and despicable. “Never trust a man who says he’s not interested in the pum-pum.” Evan says. “Yeah, I’m homophobic what of it? They go shopping and out to eat together and I know he be filling her head up with all kinds of shyt. Talkin bout “I’m coming from a man’s point of view, girl. Don’t hate.” “ Well I can’t stand that home wrecker, lip stick wearin, always needing a ride somewhere, remote control holdin, can I borrow $30, no money havin son of a bioch. He be always medaling in my affairs, sharing his opinion like Wendy Williams.  If I eat another microwave TV dinner I’m gonna piss a fit. He stays up in my house even when I’m not home eating up all the Salmon cakes and drinking up my Patron. I like Salmon cakes. I drink Patron. What do I get? If he touch my Peach Moet it’s ova. I swear, and if they are phuckin I’m gonna catch a case. I’m not trying to be that dude who loses in the end? Not this time. I told Trina…”

I asked Evan why doesn’t he just confront Wame. Evan walked away towards the window turning his back mumbling about one Christmas party evening he had gotten drunk and woke up with Wame in the bed next to him, laid out naked. Evan stares out the window saying. “I thought it was my wife but I should have known when she arched up her butt so high. I should have opened my eyes and oh, the oral sex was so good. Trina neva performed like that before. “ That boy’s shyt was bigger than mine.” Evan quickly changed the subject and said that he didn’t want to talk about it and said something about his butt still hurts to this day. “Don’t judge me.” Evan muttered. (I’m thinking Wame must have something on him.)

Even Evan has to be truthful about their situation as of late he can’t even remember the last time he heard his wife laugh or seen her smile while she was with him.  Evan’s cell phone vibrates and he walks away changing the tone in his voice whispering sweet and soft as he enters another room.

As Trina and Wame walked to her car Trina dangles her car keys and ask Wame if he’d liked his new job. Wa almost didn’t know how to answer but quickly said, “ The pay is okay and I like that I have a job with this economy. You feel me boo?” Trina said “Amen Brother Wame, preach it”. Wa thought to himself who likes booty shakin, pole swingin and giving $5 per song lap dances dressed in drag for 13 ½ hours straight at a strip club? Lord knows I’ll never tell her what goes down in the velvet room, child. She still thinks I’m working at Macy’s. Haaated it!

Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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