Club Meth

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The person who cares the least runs the relationship.  No matter what the relationship is whether it’s family, friends or lovers; the one who’s least invested run, dis shyt.

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Club Meth

You spit game for your personal gain.

Hypercritical son of a bitch.

You needed a baby sitter,

Pushed hard, lied to land her.

You bought her love.

Everything you built was based on a lie.

She plots to leave yo azz, nicca.

As soon as school is ova, see ya

Gotta go gotta go. Just to let you know. I told you so.

Ain’t no head at home so off to da strip club he goes.

Jimmi popped dat lock, went joy rydin.

Truck racin, wheels spinnin, speeding,

Can’t get there fast enough.

Money sittin in pocket, burnin, hole in his pants.

Pay to play bodacious booty on display

Ain’t popin like dat at home, fo real fo reel.


Club Meth

What cha gonna do nicca?

Dribble or shoot?

Titties swingin,

What Cha holdin?

Dollars foldin, make it rain sinner.

Lighters up.

Blow torch scorchin, blue flame, fire

Pass dat rock while the pipe is hot

Hair frizzed, brain scrambled head lights beamin

You phuckin crack head lookin fo a reason.

To get broken da phuck up.  Walk wit me

Touched da sky went skiing with Tena.

Banged Crystal at Club Meth in da Bronx.

Speeding, flyin high, down the slope meltin

Smellin dat Pumkash Aroma on dat skinny, ugly bitch.

Trickin, on dat NeNe back and forth coke walk, trippin

talkin, mouth movin, flappin 100 miles a minute.

Head shakin Hindu style.

Do you smell what the rock is cookin?


Club Meth

She tryin to get wit Poppi, after the spinach.

The opposite of Olive sittin in Oil.

Phat chick, out of shape, ova weight and sloppy wit it.

Hidin, dressed in ova sized clothes.

Nice pink phone, take my picture bitch.

“No words” havin.

Confused, lost only to be neva found.

So deserving, all that you can eat

All that you’re going through.

Can’t speak?

Customer service should have taught you better.

Drifting through December in Denver

Enjoying da mile high

Living in a bubble,

Mushrooms painted on the ceiling

Daisies painted on the walls.

Chocolate covered strawberries

Munchin on, Potato chip poppin,

Grape soda drinkin,

Dutches in da ashtray already lit.

Club Meth

Club Meth

You can’t make a person like you the way you like them.  They either do or they don’t but you still be spending money on dem anyway.  When are you gonna learn?

Be careful how you get your girl you just might lose her the same way.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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