Hard Body

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Harlem Heavy Hitters

I hope you know your lady is very special. She has this beautiful way about her that make me feel like a King. You’d be surprise just how much she’s willing to take.  Nahmean!

Harlem Heavy Hitters

Keep watching Sports Channel and ESPN.  Playing Sony Playstation and Xbox is more important, right?  Don’t even put down the joystick. Baby girl’s pickup and playing with my “Joy Stick” and she is rockin da shyt very well.  HBO neva looked better on my HD flat screen. Think about me when the ole headache excuse pops up. I didn’t think that old line works anymore but you proved me wrong.  Thanks my dude.

Harlem Heavy Hitters

 Does it look like I leave any room for you to rebound?  Man you neva had a chance homeboi. Trust me when I tell ya your girl is not coming back. My bad, correction. Your girl is now My Woman. Haven’t you noticed the feeling is different? She’s a little deeper and wider now. When I’m slobbin down the girls she loves to hold the back of my head.  I feel like a brand new baby boy.  I bet you can’t remember the last time she greased up the twins, huh?  Lol, look at your dumb ass as the light bulb in your lil pea of a brain comes on. “Hello nicca Daddy’s home and you’ve just been evicted”.

Harlem Heavy Hitters

You know me homie. We play basketball together up the block. You’re too busy to give her the one on one attention she needs. You’re drinking a beer and tongue kissing I mean smoking wit da fellas on the corna. I’m not going to tell you what your girl is drinking, but I will share with you this blunt we’re smokin. Racks nicca.  I drop racks she drop dem jeans.  Trust me I’ll hold & fold her down until you get home. Lol (Phuckin Dummy).

Harlem Heavy Hitters

Don’t let your friends tell you differnt. Its okay for a grown man to cry. Don’t hold it in let it out, you will feel better afterwards. It’s called a deep cleanse after you’ve dropped the ball.

Remember when you told me you didn’t have enuf motivation to work out? You know, the conversation we had about eating right and not leaving room fo da next nicca to move in on your shyt? Yo, sistah friend is all the motivation I need plus she respects my diet and feeds me crazy fruit.  You should know I return da favor.  I feed her nut salad fo dayz, she can’t get enough.  Honey jumps on my shyt wit a funky little attitude. I wonder what that is all about, the be focused man.

Harlem Heavy Hitters

The washboard abs are for her to better wash da clothes on, I mean 4 her to sip Patron. Yeah! Dat’s it. Sip Patron. She makes this crazy slurpin sound. You gotta experience it one day. I mean you do know what I’m talkin bout? Right, but of course not.

You’ve felt that little trick she does with her tongue, right? Well, what about the gurgling sound honey makes as if she doesn’t get enuf to eat or drink at home? Tell me you know what I’m talking bout?  Hey dude are you still there? Lol, nicca’s gotta learn to neva leave anything on your plate.  I love leftovers.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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