Sex Appeal

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Dearly beloved, a relationship is a marathon and not a 100 yard dash. It’s a slow cook, a long grid; not something you place in a microwave, smile and say “magic”.

My Son

My boy, you can’t worship a woman just because she gives you some head every now and again. Sex and a strong six months don’t cut the mustard either.

Don’t hesitate to evaluate your relationship and hold her accountable just as she will hold you accountable.  Be ready and willing to promote, demote and terminate a chick quick, if need be.  Don’t give a woman a promotion when you know her ass should be fired.

My Son

Know the difference between “a Woman and a Conscious Sistah”.  Praise her long after the honeymoon is ova.  It’s called endurance which leads to longevity. Until then she’s just another girl standing on line auditioning for the part.  Many will apply but only a small few will answer the call.

Keep in mind, life is a two way street. If you are only an okay boyfriend you will only be an okay husband which means: you are nothing to write home about.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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