The Gucci Playboi

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Love Baby Gurl from your heart.


The expression that appears
on Honey’s face make the gesture worth the effort.


The moment you walk through the door is truly priceless.


Just think about the love Sweetie will make and the many different ways Lady will thank you for thinking about her in such a way.


The joy it will bring to know that you made it happen will be very fulfilling and rewarding.


When you love someone don’t be afraid to treat them as you would like to be treated.


The goal is to make her remember you forever.


 As you step up her bag game just know she’ll never make this type of purchase for herself.  For the most part, she’ll never treat herself this good.


 When a man loves a woman it’s not foolish of him to buy her nice gifts despite the facts.


That stupid look you’ll have when she walks out the door neva to return. The phucked up smirk she’ll have while later calling you a jerk.


Trust me when she leaves she’s not leaving the ring or the bags behind and trust there will be an extra set of panties in that bag when she’s hangin out with the next nicca and he will be phuckin your ex very well.  The next nicca will neva eva, eva neva buy her a gift as you did yet he gets all da pucci.

The Gucci Playboi & The Coach Bandit strikes again.  Keep your head up playboi. Your day will come, maybe.

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