Fire & Ice

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run home.jpg

This is fire.


I’ve been looking for you all my life.

I see you.jpg

Trust me, I see you too, boo.


This is what I will run home to.


She is the ice in my cup.

She is absolutely da buzz of my Patron.

Sweet boo.jpg

This is all the alcohol I will ever need.

more to hold.jpg

She’s more than a glass to hold.


 The straw that sits in my jaw. Together we are a perfect fit.

This is the stirrer placed in my drink.

in my mouth.jpg

For the record this is the azz my lips desires to kiss.

This is where my tongue will always go.


I will goggle map the quickest and shortest route to da azz.

running home.jpg

What fool hangs out with all of this waiting for him at home?

Where’s my napkin? Where’s my spoon?

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