A Painful Price

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A Painful Price

A woman that walks around all day in stylish, painful shoes which hurt her feet is foolish, selfish and insecure.  She could careless just as long as she looks good in them.  This type of pedigree of a woman speaks volumes; a person that will do anything for attention.  She’s a master at what she does; she fronts for a living; a human façade; a master manipulator.


A Painful Price

She’s a love craved psychopath in concert with fashion and her so-called fan base.  She’s lookin fo the platinum dick plus the tongue of gold that some naive woman want and dream about.  Shallow is not the word that best describe her.  Simple would be more like it; trusting the view of the world and human nature, often as a result of youth and inexperience.


A Painful Price

With the lack of sophistication and subtlety, her critical judgment skills have room for improvement.  She complains about people “Doing the Most” but has a love affair and settles for a straight up nicca’s that “Does the Least”.

Girlfriend is uncomplicated and refreshingly innocent.  Shoppin online becomes her obsession and cheap fix when things don’t work out.  This type of chick knows nothing about a winning relationship but she has seen it play out on television.  She has an idea of what it’s suppose to be.

To win a championship and to be in a winning relationship, one has to be team oriented; willing to take and make the ultimate sacrifice.  Sharing and over communicating is a very important key to winning and having a lasting relationship.  The bond shared together should complement their weaknesses which in turn amplify their strengths.

Without it success is a failure, no union, no ring and no lasting marriage just some cute kids and a child support check in the interim.  When you want something bad enough you have to be willing to do something you’ve never done before. Her life becomes a rerun of last weeks headline. Only a blind fool negotiates with a giver.


A Painful Price

You know exactly who and what I’m talking about.  She’s the type of woman that will dress her 6 year old son in a dress for Halloween, take pictures, post them on IG and think it’s cute.  Lipstick n wig included. She’ll later wonder why, her son, feels most comfortable sitting around the house with his legs crossed wearing pantyhose, asking her, where’s the Noxzema and stealing her party-liners for only god knows why.

You know her well.  She’s the one that says,  her little brother took her phone but forgets that everybody can see her taking groupie pictures in the supermarket and chatting online.  Hello!  It shows up as a mobile device, stupid.  When you catch her in the act and mention to her, nice pink phone, she’ll look at you crazy and say but I have two phones; later text you on FB, “No words”.  Don’t you just hate those kind of chicks?

This is also the type of woman that will be surprised when she finds out her new boyfriend switch hit for a non-profit menz club located in Midtown.  She never wonder why she’s not invited to the games.

With the kids bouncing off the walls in the next room, around 7pm, girlfriend will be getting her groove on phuckin to her favorite hip hop song with the volume on level 15 and it goes a little something like this…

“She jumped on the bed landed on her knees, froggie stile.  He pushed her face forward, slammed it into the pillow, kickstand dat ass and presto, doggie style. 

The Chorus

They have sex and dey breakup (Uh)

And dey breakup, sex & dey makeup (Yo Yo Yo)

Sex and dey breakup, sex, (Uh) puts on make-up,

Sex, (Uh) dey have sex den they breakup.

Sex wit her boy Jacob… (Uh)

They have sex (Yo Yo Yo) (Uh). Dey have sex…

Right about now you’re probably shaking your head cause you know her and/or da type.  She’s your neighbor or one of those chicks that be outside with her kids terrorizing the block.  Corns and toe jams spillin out from the sides of her Reebok sandals.

It doesn’t matter what a person writes down on paper.  Nobody cares what comes out of a persons mouth, one’s actions speaks louder than words.  The carrying out of an action ensures results. Everything else instantly becomes mute.  Execution is what it’s all about.

One thing for sure, you can’t teach energy and you simply can’t teach effort.  This has to come from within.  Instead of falling in line she fails horribly in this thing we call life.  As the boob tube becomes her savior.  Honey memorizes word for word of every episode of the show “Martin”.  Her favorite quote, “Get Da Steppin & Thank U Jesus” with the kids in the background, head rolling with hands on hip, chiming in echoing her every word.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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