Honey Sweet

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A simple chick knows her limits, but a wise woman knows she doesn’t have any.

Honey Sweet

Honey Sweet  

Honey Sweet is a man’s dream.  Everything that Brutha waited and prayed for.  Sweetie’s Brooklyn backyard jungle gym is enormous and a beautiful sight to witness.  Her connector simply provides a link, connecting and attracting her man, bringing them close together.

Baby Gurl teaches forensic medicine at an Ivy League school of the desert in Nevada.  Brutha dust dat azz fo prints, leant over and whispered in her ear “If I told you I want to touch and lick the butta off your roll would you hold it against me?”  Brutha beat dat azz as if he used an ironing cord making her feel as if he didn’t like the way she pressed his shirts.

One would cherish the moment to be given access to cross her bridge.  A Brutha would never forget it should he ever lay eyes upon thee.  Her 5’- 6” powerhouse frame equip with small waist is a full force of energy; a pleasure to hold and to be around.  Honey is a motivational thrust of inspiration.

Her irresistible space heater could keep any side of her king size bed warm.  Brutha couldn’t just sleep next to it without trying to keep his feet and hands warm.  It looked like the capital letter C & D depending on the angle.  It was incredible from the side; impossible to ignore.  It resembled an upside down question mark.


Honey Sweet  

Nothing leaves heaven before it leaves the earth.  The season is ripe and God must have said, “It’s a good thing”.  The heaven’s granted him her seen harvest, the unheard mouth piece.  Sweetie doesn’t have to speak to be heard.  She’s blessed with a gift, the unspoken word.

Without a word, a filled room would become silent as soon as she enters.  When Baby Gurl walked her ambassador diplomatically represented her well.  Honey Sweet is official.  It’s a reckless sight for anyone who walked behind her and laid eyes on it.  The essences of this lovely creature created a backside border patrol; an entity within itself, a living thing that stays on high alert.

Sweet’s physical siren scatters all herds away from closing any deal.  Scorned women, who feel some type of way are invited but would have to stand on line to kiss her ass.  Insecure chickens cluck,” That’s too much power for one woman to have”.

Honey Sweet

Honey Sweet  

Skinny women, hold on tight to their loved ones arm, serving as a friendly reminder.  They become instantly threaten, daring their man to look.  Nonetheless, the men can’t resist and take a chance to steal a glimpse of what they don’t have at home.  It becomes worth the smack upside the head and argument while driving home.

Brutha smiles, because he knows the temptation to look is great.  Having the opportunity to see the reaction along with the expression on their face, from other women was priceless and revealing.

Honey Bee is use to the attention as it comes with the territory.  It becomes rather old quickly as the light bulbs flash and the sound affects of the cameras, click.  All eyes are on the Queen; who never steps down from her thrown to address a peasant.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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