This Awesome Power

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You’ve captured God and placed her inside of a bottle high upon a shelf out of reach and out of sight from others.  The root is hidden in plain sight.  People only view the tree.  She is the most important factor; the main ingredient which is absent from your offering.

You’ve burglarized and burnt down our living quarters, tied up our fathers and raped our mothers, sisters and brothers in the presence of our children.  You’ve always have been disrespectful, insensitive, unwilling or unable to change.  You barely lift a finger to help or undo what was done.  You are about making a profit.  You offer treatment before the cure…

Freedom, 2011

The conditions, the seen and the unseen restrictions the rich oppose upon the poor and the weak has not gone unnoticed.  The Politian’s you have in your pocket.  It’s a disgrace how you treat us but we’re going to be just fine.

You act as if you don’t notice what is happing.  Your spirit is absent.  The emotionless expression on your face speak volumes.  Many of our children are hungry and are dying.  Who truly cares?  Is this living or is this something else?

Back door waiting as it rain on our head.  People stand outside, on a long line, for hours for one position.  You’ve done very well for yourself living well off the fruits of our labor.  Do you really know what work is?  You don’t know what it’s like to work so hard all your life and still become nobody.

I want your job, to sit behind a desk, pushing papers and treat people as you do.  We’ve survived all that you’ve done; your capitalism, racism, a class war at its best.


The beautiful flowers inside grandfathers’ garden have not been watered.  You step over them as if they are trash.  Everything you touch withers away.  Why is this happening?

Voices of a conquered people hear the Lion roar.  The Great White Elephant remembers everything.  The falcon soars as it sees everything.  The sleeping giant becomes restless.

Yet the powerless still manage to find inspiration, imagination and motivation.  Their mission is spiritual and meaningful.  You’ve hit them with your best shot and they remain standing; saying we are still here. This awesome power…

Don’t get offended.  What are you doing about the situation?  Don’t think you can continue to treat people like swine and think they will not speak on it. Be happy, very happy all they do is only speak about it.  Be thankful for the sleeping giant remain asleep.   As you continue to live the dream as others experience the nightmare with a shot of hypocracy on the side.  Entire cultures have been removed from the earth as your hands and mouth drip with blood.  When will it end?  We must toil over it until we get it right.

Devastation in our communities the wrongly accused keep the pain and the anger bottled up ready to explode.  It is repeated, you’ve wiped out entire cultures and build more intuitions of incarceration. Yet we are still here.  This awesome power you will never understand her plan.




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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