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It’s Been Reel

If I’m not appreciated and if my talent is not valued here or with you then I will find another person, another place where I can make a difference.

 What’s In It 4 You?

When a person stays in a strained relationship they must be getting something out of it.  Who is using whom?

 Ole Fool

It is said when an older person dates a younger person they are in hiding? Why don’t they date within their own age group? Are they avoiding issues hidden with a younger person? Are they afraid of being confronted and held accountable by their peers whereas a younger person may not know how to point out or confront these differences? Are they living their lives vicariously through another person? Or is it simply a person their own age just doesn’t cut it or bring the excitement?  Does sex play a major role?

He looks at his cell phone expecting for it to ring or as if a text message will instantly appear.  Obvious signs of a lonely, pathetic old man who’s in need of love and attention.

 I Can Show You A Few Things

No worries youngin.  I’ve been there, done that and starred in that movie.  You’re a rerun of something that played long ago.  I know how this movie ends.  You just offer a twist.

Now You Tell Me

It wasn’t the right time to tell him when they first met.  Nor was it the right time to tell him when they hooked up.  It wasn’t the right time to inform him after years had passed. However, it became convenient to tell him as soon as the relationship went south. She tried to convince him the devil didn’t exist.  She thought he didn’t know about her friend that wanted to get with her. Meanwhile, he allowed her to think she was making the final decision on her own.

No Regrets

When she came to the motel he knew it would be the last time he would ever see her.  Maybe he’d hear from her by a text, email or instant message.  The signs were crystal clear.  When she said that she can’t do drama she needed to say no more.  The woman lives in a house of drama but she doesn’t have the time to hear a Brutha vent.  All Brutha needed was a shoulder to lean on.

When her boyfriend called his phone and started questioning him about their relationship after reading his text. He wished he could have held her before he became a ghost in her memory. From that point he knew she had to distance herself from him. Thank you for your time.

Heaven is at the foot of Mother

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