A Green Card & A Free Ride

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I always knew one day she was going to leave.  I know who I am.  I never knew who she was.  After the smoke clears it was all for a green card and a free ride.

They want to leave and live in another the country.

Let it go

She has the need to be pampered and have a better life.

Let it go

To be another man’s wife.

Man, let it go

This means your boy is going too.

Don’t fight it.  Let it go (travel & education)

He’ll have to sign consent papers.

Do it & let it go

Don’t hold on to something that’s not holding on to you.

Just let them go

It was neva your family to begin with.

Trust me I know.  Let them go

Wish them the best and

Let it go

This is best for everybody, make it final and

Let them go

Your boy will always remember you so.

Let him go

If he’s anything like you he will not

Let you go

You have to be strong for the rest of your family.

So let him know

You will always be his father make sure you

Tell him so


Release them; it’s out of your hands. 

Just so you know nobody moves to Jamaica.  Dem nicca’s are too busy trying to get to America.  

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