The Pink Palace & The Sand Box

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In the dirty world of business sometimes winning is by surrendering. “Beware of the free lunch for everything has a price”.


The Pink Palace & The Sand Box

He has a face made for radio and his golden voice is tailor made for The Bravo Channel. His family sent him to boarding school for a good education and they paid for him to stay away. He’s a child in a man’s body something like the movie B.I.G. with Tom Hanks. As a child, someone must have thrown sand in his face while playing in the sand box; vowing to avenge those that wronged him and the menial people that laughed, smirked and chuckled while pointing their finger at him. He promised to get the last laugh and hold the world in contempt.

From the Pink Palace to the Star Ship Enterprise, welcome to the kindergarten Playhouse, it’s a Candy Land Play Land made out of Playtex toy material; a cubical farm within an office bearing no elbow room to spare. Live sheep came with the box. The door to his watermelon closet from which he played was open. With his eyes wide shut and for all to see, he was fooling no one as he played with himself while sitting in the sand box under a strawberry umbrella, wearing a Santa’s hat while putting on lipstick and getting ready for the Christmas party. He enjoyed his musical fantasy, Tropical Island styled box equipped with a Raspberry martini mixer, where he’d make and serve his favorite drank shaken not stirred. One could hear his theme music of “Darling Nikki” playing in the background as the volume on his stereo stayed on level 10. This Black Homer Simpson character could be seen skipping n dancing in his sand box sucking on his Blueberry baby bottle trippin and sippin on cranberry juice mixed with absolute. He dreamed of being a celebrity but missed his calling in a past life.

pink palace

The Pink Palace & The Sand Box

The Bermuda rainbow color scheme was so loud everyone whore sunglasses due to the blinding glare from the lighting. The effect made it seem as if the sun shined inside the office. It was truly a Dr. Seuss Whoville experience. Beach towel and tanning lotion was optional. He played holding the biggest stick in the yard having to be center and main focus. He controlled and held all the nuts and berries in a lavender flower basket.

He can’t sustain a lasting relationship with a woman his age. Ole boy has a sweet tooth; a taste for younger women. After a few drinks thirsty ambitious gold diggers would think he’s kinda cute. Drunk, no doubt and on a mission, they’d bait their hooks, cake and pound on the foundation, adjust their pushup bra’s n wigs and cast their lines in search of the big gold fish. Sadly, the only thing that was guaranteed was a warm golden shower, with a tiny gold fish at the end of his fountain flailing, compliments of yours truly. For those who pressed their hustle and had a little extra left in their tank he’d give them food for thought along with a couple of dollars to fix their weave as they left just before the door would hit them where the good lord split them, “Beware my dear of free lunch for everything has its price”.

The Pink Palace & The Sand Box

The Pink Palace & The Sand Box

Those that played it smart and merely trying to get ahead got just that a fish head to swallow whole including his two salt n pepper eight balls branded fire and ice. Breath mint and tooth picks for your trouble and effort were supplied. After slurpin n burpin kids and taking numerous head shots chased with a hot Heineken employment opportunity would finally become available, inside the “delivery room” for the most valuable eager beaver. At this time they would be presented with the possibility of employment and the expression on their face was priceless and was clearly written on their forehead. The acceptance speech went something like… “Phuck it, I’ll sleep with him but I want my own department”.

Finalizing the agreement and with a napkin hanging by the door honey closed her eyes and took a deep breath and slammed her head within the sand looking like an ostrich, arse up face down as the door to his sound proof closet would slowly close.

Nobody can fault him for being on the other side of the fence. He played his position well. Ole Boy was the ugly man’s champion, a genius in a weird way. He’d crush you should you ever cloud or clown his shine. He’d milk it for all its worth, and laughed as the credits roll. He didn’t have to stay in his lane but made sure everybody else did. Nor did he have to over communicate but you better believe you did. He did as he saw fit and made amends with his staff by publicly shaking his ass up and down on your leg, dry humpin, like a dog in heat, marking his terriory. Meanwhile, you’ll be looking around for a camera and wait for that guy from the show “Punked” to jump out. That was his crazy way of breaking the ice and indirectly saying he’s sorry for pissing you the phuck off. He’s king of the mountain with a two toed, long neck small head havin and fast running type of bitch by his side. Nobody would dare to stand up to him, at least no one with good sense. At the same time he believes in networking; finding people that can help you get your foot in the door and find your niche. Just don’t knock on his door if your shyt ain’t right. Not one male with a serious backbone would excel with a promotion that would lead to any notoriety or fame, under his regime. You don’t want him to have to remind you who run this shyt. However, if a white stretch limo pulled up to your crib you just might stand a chance. (Watch nicca’s run to the window to see if Santa is on his sledge tonight).

Pink Palace

The Pink Palace & The Sand Box

A great man on the farm once said, “There’s no sense of having an “Open Door” policy when your mind is closed”. This quote made Brutha, a young neophyte, finding his way through the forest, make a few adjustments to his point of view of the world, which forced him to look upon others differently. Although Brutha possessed an open mind it nonetheless made him think about the new environment and culture he had stumbled unto, the business of entertaining others. As an admitted homophobic he learnt to embrace people of all backgrounds and preferences. No more would he make sweeping indictments about others and their lifestyle. The goal now is to revolutionize the way the world view Black people and how Black people view themselves. This new found purpose started Brutha’s creative juice to flow. His new realization of the global platform from which he stood was properly put to use. He now looks through eyes to see clearly everything within, above, around and under him.

In the past, he merely looked at objects, people and things, unable to see them for it’s worth. Brutha was a horse with blinders. Brutha watched and learned from other people that were strong in their craft and embraced all they had to offer, soaking it up like a sponge, digesting it for it’s weight in gold; to later sharpen his craft until the day would come when he was called upon. Nothing in his life within the workforce could touch and match his experience and it became the most important time spent. Brutha preciously witnessed his transformation. He began to share concepts literally giving them away attaching a vision of purpose for use and intent. When you discover your worth you will neva give others a discount. He became very critical of everything he was asked to be apart of. Brutha attempted to get the most out of his department and from those that worked around him. He took everybody under his wing that gravitated towards him, especially interns, the young minds of today, tomorrow and the future. Whenever a farm or person does not value your offering or appreciate your talent, one should take their talent elsewhere and make a difference. Always know your worth and never settle…

pink palace

The Pink Palace & The Sand Box

Another great man who ran the farm once shared “I spend my entire career changing the mind of others”. This quote had a profound effect and fine tuned Brutha’s life mission. The message from this incredible genius of a man didn’t resonate until months later but it would later become the wind that changed the course of Brutha’s sail. It suddenly registered. Brutha’s purpose was uncovered. It was like finding Malcolm X whom gave to him his manhood from the grave. He would later write, edit, produce, master manipulate and convey a particular message broadcasting to the world ensuring his work and his words of passion spoke volumes touching the heart and mind of others; leaving with them a message that would be ingrained into their national conscious fabric which will live with them for a lifetime. Powerful he thought (Changing the mind of others) It made him look at Ole Boy differently.

Brutha remembered and reflected upon the same person, while accepting an award; Ole Boy thanked his former boss for not firing him as he made repeated mistakes; keeping him on board for his continued growth. This confession humbled Brutha and while listening to the story his mind zoned out like an old Spike Lee movie with tunnel vision. This same man could have fired Brutha years ago but chose to keep him around, for some strange reason. What did he see? What did he know? What was the price Brutha would have to later pay? Humm

Thai Chi

The Pink Palace & The Sand Box

At the Christmas party hoes lined up. The women at the spot stayed thirsty throat all dry and shyt. Nicca’s hate as soon as they’d see the King pull up in his Mercedes with the suicide doors and roof missing looking like George Jefferson. After all he was movin on up. Ole Boy would jump out of the ride like Eddie Murphy in the Nutty Professor movie. He surrounded himself with women and always managed to have one male side kick; Jerome holding a mirror.

Music playing DJ on the one and twos, candy cane stocking wearing, the most beautiful creature Brutha witnessed in the office and had the pleasure of ever speak with and lay his eyes upon. He’s dancing with her and a crowd gathers around. Err-body lookin, err-body watching wanting to know wuzup and what’s the deal with these two. She’s was breath taking and stunningly smart. Brutha couldn’t fix is mouth to ever say no to this princess. Light skin, red bone chinky eyed, Thai Chi type of pretty muthaphucka. Brutha nick named her “Most Beautiful”. Baby Gurl is smilin, Bruth’s lost and floating on cloud nine and all of the sudden her face that had a smile turned into a frown and she started to back away slowly from Brutha. Things started to move in slow motion from this point moving forward. What was happening? What was going on? All he could do was say to himself in his Elmer Fudd voice “Nooooooooo don’t go little rabbit”. Brutha didn’t realize that she was moving out the way because something was coming up fast behind him. Brutha felt his legs being taken out from under him. He was being low bridged and without warning he began to fall backwards.

The Pink Palace & The Sand Box

Brutha thought to himself as he watched “Most Beautiful” move back out of the way and into the crowd. Is this my time, my turn to get Punked? Brutha then said to himself. All bets are off. If this is what I think it is I’m going to get fired tonight, I’m about to catch a case and sit in central booking with 60 nicca’s in a box cause I just lost it and black da phuck out. Brutha turned around in mid air to brace himself and…

To be continued…


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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