The Monkey & The Great Banana

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Alcohol and anger bring out the true individual. Both serve as a truth serum that has been tried and tested. Everyone has secrets and everyone is sorry about something. Piss them off and you’ll find out exactly what and who you’re dealing with. Brutha’s honest, open and transparent (H.O.T).


The Monkey & The Great Banana

Ole man doesn’t trust easily, especially women. He has given up on relationships but believes in true love. Brutha finds himself in un-fulfilling relationships and can’t sustain anything longer than five years. He’s currently celibate, on a 3 year drought. He didn’t plan it-it just happened.

He studied cowards, punks of men, along with great men, took notes and moved differently. As he became more disappointed, he began to look at woman in a, warped sorta way. (Kill yourself homeboy, the monkey demons chanted).

“Some women are nothing more than pathetic little monkeys swinging from tree to tree, constantly looking for the next best thing as they swing from one man to the next, firmly grasping hold of one branch and not letting go until they secure the next branch; pulling and climbing towards their goal of financial security, The Great Banana”.

The Great Banana

The Monkey & The Great Banana

As a loner he didn’t talk to many people. He guarded his feelings, isolated himself and allowed the cancers of life consume the best of him. After each failed relationship it became apparent that he had some serious trust issues. “A grown man should know his position and a grown woman should know her place. Play your position and she will stay in her lane”. Brutha said. “Everybody has to pay for it. If you are married, then you’re just like everybody else and you’re really paying for it.

Women want everything from one guy and men want everything from different women”. The familiar sounds of a fool and his mixed irrational thoughts of the opposite sex, blinded by guilt, mistrust, weed and Hennessey. He even broke them down into three groups; The Young, The Middle Age and The Old. (Kill yourself homeboy, the monkey demons chanted).

Brutha viewed young women as wanting to have fun and needing the money upfront. One has to have their money right cause they’re mainly visual and material. They have a particular lifestyle that must be maintained if you want any of their time. They’re always in a rush and think they know it all but if they like you then it’s on. To them, slow money is like having no money. Young girls tend to fall for boys that text but almost never take them out. They love fashion, traveling, hanging at the mall and clubin it. However, the sex is crazy and they tend to have a body that just won’t quit. They’re willing to try anything at least once.

The Great Banana

The Monkey & The Great Banana

Middle age women plot and scheme to marry, meet men who want to have sex three times a day when they only want to do it 3 times a year. These women tend to have children late in life and later become bitter, divorced, career women who replace men with a 401K, child support checks and medical benefits.

Meanwhile, they nip n tuck, scam & plan for the next sad man. I mean, victim. The middle age spends plenty of time looking in the mirror trying to figure out where the time has gone. Some stock up on hair coloring products dying the grey away and try their best to cover up newly discovered wrinkles. Her Victoria’s are no longer a secret and the walls of their golden seal are losing its color and elastic snap back grip.

Older women should just buy a gun and let nature take its course. They, who never marry tend to be just flat out mean and a headache to deal with knowing the best of their days are far behind them. Tick tock, tick tock the mouse has swallowed its clock. They will find themselves holding on tight to that good ole bottle of Bourbon, they no longer hide.

The Great Banana

The Monkey & The Great Banana

Oh well, serves them best. They should have been kinder to the world. These are the women that look in the mirror and without a word, they just already know… Older women are the worst kind. They are always tripping over shyt that’s behind them. (Kill yourself homeboy, the monkey demons chanted).

The signs, signals and symbols were crystal clear. He’s a functional addict who has to have it. The reality of being sober is too revealing. Facing life as it truly is a hard cup to swallow. The weed and liquor he drowns himself with transformed Brutha’s life into something straight out of the children’s section of the library. In many ways, his jibble, jabble, mumble was a reflection of that guy on “Love & Hip Hop” but slightly different; having children holding hands across America, and bouncing from one woman to another woman, never having his own. The mommy syndrome handed down righteously embedded within the strains of his DNA & RNA. (Kill yourself Homeboy, quick. the monkey demons chanted).

Last week, homeboy submitted to the chants of his monkey demons. He left a blunt in the ashtray and it seems as if he was playing with himself. His boxers were down around his ankles and in his hand he held a 9mm Beretta. The television was on the cartoon network channel. Somehow, Brutha shot himself in the face while eating a Chicken Pot Pie. There was an empty Hungry Man Turkey TV dinner on the table. Next to him, on the floor, they discovered a knocked over but empty “Smart” water bottle which had lipstick on the mouth of the bottle.

They found an uneaten banana cake with “Happy Birthday” written on it compliments of Publix. (Thank You Homeboy, the monkey demons laughed).


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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