The Visual Lie

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When she took off her wig and revealed her salt & pepper popcorn fro, the reality was clear for all to see but for only a few to know. Evan sat there embarrassed but went with the flow. That’s life in da ATL, enough money for the startup kit, with four more operations to go.

“The best party ever” Evan proudly shouted. “Who ordered the girls, the food and the booze with this kind of lovin I know I can’t lose. Evan’s getting it in, smiling, ready to enjoy the moment. Isaiah’s waiting his turn but whispered to Shelly “Yo, I’m homophobic”. Too late cause the bet still stand, close your mouth, and keep your cool its all part of the plan.

She was ridin but hiding what was under her cap, waiting for the right moment to spring forth her most phucked up trap. She knew her hair could never grow so long from finger nails to eye lashes she plotted, did her dance and yelled “Boo, they playin our song”. One shot to 4 shots of that Jamaican Rum, man these nicca’s don’t drink. Evan says, “Yo I’m bout to cum”.

WTF was Evan thinking? What just had happen and why are people laughin and clappin? It’s Isaiah’s turn and she performs her twirl he can’t control it and begins to earl, throwing up all ova the floor, pointing and staring at her bulge.

Evan says “Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she fly or is it a fact that I’m that high”? That’s Lil-bit Missy from 12th street, right? No, whispered Shelly, that’s Bro. Wame Jenkins the neighborhood Trans you played basketball with last Friday night.

To be continued.

Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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