The Poke Her Game

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The Poke Her Game

He has relationships with women but has sex with men. She has relationships with men and has sex with women. The ultimate denial of truth, people on the D.L.. All aboad The ATL Midtown express. Riding and playing the deadly game of “Poker” all the while he is “Poking Her” and living with HIV.

Brutha never knew his father and he didn’t know that prison would be a revolving door for him nor was he aware that shooting heroine would be his poison and choice of candy his sweet tooth craved. He later would discover that relapse is not part of the treatment it’s a part of the addiction. Brutha’s father died of A.I.D.S. His dad infected his wife, his baby sister whom he never had gotten to meet. The music plays in the background with a verse to a dope beat Hood witches mixed with good sistahs, tricks without a treat, misunderstood bitches…

No woman was to blame this time. Dad had to look only at himself. He was reckless, armed and dangerous. “Neva be ashamed of your life’s story. It will inspire others”. Brutha said. Real friend will tell you what you need to hear, even if it’s hurtful. Meanwhile, reel friends will tell you what you want to hear. Before anyone look at others we have to first look at ourselves.

He didn’t need a perfect relationship. He only wanted a woman that wouldn’t give up on him. He suffered with trust issues and self medicated himself to death. “Remember to neva get too attached to something that isn’t yours”, Brutha said.

To be continued…


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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