Your Seed Our Harvest

Our Harvest

Sweetie, why don’t you trade your present for your future? What’s in your hand lil man? Release it. Don’t you know we are a walking vessel of seed for the future we want?

Talk to me, love. How foolish is the parent that can’t see what’s best for his/her family? Can you imagine being in a room full of idiots & stupid people with no exit?

Enemies are not walls or obstacles. They are doors to the next season. If you don’t have an enemy you don’t have a future. The difference of a season is one person. If you’d only think twice you’d be the genius in your family and recognize your harvest.

This is just a friendly reminder. To be continued.

Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

Author: HarlemATL

Creative Blogger, Writer & Producer of Random Thoughts - HarlemATL Inner City Blues, Harlem Cafe & Harlem The Experiment.

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