Happy Birthday!

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Brutha pours some Moe-wezy into two champagne glasses. For the chaser he then places a bottle of Patreeze on the counter to ride shotgun. She snacks on a bowl of Hersey covered strawberries, as the steamed aroma of fresh butter garlic shrimp in the kitchen waits.


Happy Birthday!

As Teena Marie’s song “My Body’s Hungry” plays in the background he creeps and tries to get that last good bye kiss and walks slowing up behind Sweetie to get closer to her. As he approaches her he shakes his head witnessing her devastating, God crafted body and gently places his left hand upon her waist, his right hand on her hip, then breathes deeply and passionately behind the back of her right ear and plants softly sweet chocolate kisses up and down the side of her neck.

Feeling his masculine full lips on her skin, Sweetie makes an arch in her back, leans back and backs it all up on him, feeling his fire. She can tell Brutha truly desires her greatly.  Brutha whispers into her ear “Can I talk sexy to you babe?” He nibbles on her ear then roles his tongue down across her right shoulder and asks “Do you mind if I talk soft and warm to you babe?” Brutha give her something to think about as she nods gesturing, yes. Sweetie rolls her head back against his left shoulder to take it all in.

It’s Sweeties birthday and she is fully aware where this is going to lead. With her breast erect, this Sterling Silver Rose begins to blossom right before his eyes. Her birthday cake only needs some cream without the ice and minus the candles. Brutha says, “Baby gurl you know I’ve been thinkin about the things I wanta do to you. On this day, (places a kiss and another…) Your very special day.” Sweetie’s body is on fire right about now. Brutha then asks her “Where do you want your gift?” They grind with passion teasing each other with anticipation. He kisses her so sweetly, down her back and around to her navel. He followed her perfume trail, which was more like a treasure map that was scientifically placed across her body leading directly to her secret spot above her garden.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!

The sounds of fire and ice fill the room as the windows begin to fog. Brutha bends over and without a broom he sweeps her from off her feet taking her into the next room. Sweetie feels light, breezy and free in Brutha’s arms. His overall courtship ignites and excites her.  He loves her especially different from any other, wooing her, teasing her as he does his very best to please her. He just simply lights her fire and when he touches her she can’t hide the emotions that overcome her body that sings a chorus. R. Kelly’s “Whole Lotta Kisses” plays… Lights out!

Brutha never had to think about it. He never took his time with any woman until now. He’s fully appreciating the moment and all that he’s been missing for years past to present date, coming full circle.

Sweetie’s big sister yells out with her hands on her hips. “Oh hell naw I know yawl didn’t start without…”. Then states, “Ewww!  Turn the phucking lights back on. Yawls don’t forget I’m still here. Aint no juice box tasting contest going down tonight.” Big Sis shakes her head and says,  “A bitch can’t go to the bathroom for five minutes? (lights turned back on) Damn those berries look good. Give me some. Where’s my plate? I’m hungry. Where you hiding those crab legs? I smell’em. ”

Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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