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the dream team

African Americans unfortunately and tragically have more leaders and less leadership than any people in the African world. A lot of the people who are pretending leadership are charlatans and pretenders. Yet among them have emerged some very able men worthy of the mantle of leadership and because of the pretenders they’ve gotten less attention than they deserve.

I think our leaders in general misunderstand their mission. If you are a leader of a people you must get a mandate from the people and if the people ask you “Leader where are you leading me?” you must have a good answer for them. Not only where are you leading me but who are you leading me to and who are you leading me for?

A true leader is a messenger delivering a message for the people and not a charlatan imposing a message on the people. The leader that ignores this is not worthy of the name; leader.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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