Educating Our Youth

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John Clarke

First we must stop dealing with illusion. We cannot ask the people who programed us into oblivion to program us out of it.

As far as I am concerned Education has but one honorable purpose, one alone and everything else is nonsense; that is to train the student to be a respectful and a responsible handler of power.

People do not train you in how to take their power away from them when they hold power by controlling you. To expect this of other people is a contradiction in terms.

Freedom is something you do not wish upon, you do not sing upon and you do not dream upon. Freedom is something you take with your own hands. It is never secure until you take it with your own hands. You do not leave it for another generation. Each generation in turn must secure it with their own hands, even if you leave it to them in a Will in Testament. It is not secure until they make it secure, with their own hands, their own bodies and their own minds. So as long as we avoid this reality someone else will dictate the content of education. When people dictate the content of education they are dictating what goes into your mind. When they dictate that they will dictate agitation. They will dictate your actions and though you might lie about it as long as you are in this position you are in some form of a Slave. I know it hurts but it is what it is…

It is incumbent in you to free yourself from it and educate yourself to come out of it and do not expect others to do it for you. We must stop begging at the door of people that have reduced us to the role of a beggar.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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