Driving Mz Hazel

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After Mz. Hazel left Brutha couldn’t get her out of his mind. He wanted to send for her return. I want to take off her clothes, place her on the bed and go low, lick her entire body real slow, and taste all of her sweetness.


Driving Mz Hazel

When she met him she was upfront with Brutha and told him that she had a friend.  Brutha didn’t see a ring on her finger and he couldn’t penalize her for having a life before they had met.  All Brutha cared about was seeing Mz. Hazel and the time they could share together. He knew the odds of them were slim due to the fact that Lady lived in South Carolina and he in Atlanta but anything can be made possible.

If she comes he would truly make it worth her while. Traveling to see him would be a treat all by itself.  So he called her up and placed some traveling money into her account.  Once she arrived he greeted her at the door, took her bags, fed her some Crab Legs, Shrimp, Salmon and Tilapia, put some of that Skin So Soft by Avon into her bath water and, rubbed her feet where she had said it was sore and relaxed her with a massage.

Mz. Hazel’s skin was so soft. Excited that she had came Brutha took his time and kissed and rubbed her entire body. He didn’t leave one spot on her body untouched.  He gently sucked on her neck, her ears and lips. He kissed her lovely face all over, while saying thank you for coming and making his way down to her chest where he licked and sucked each nipple until they were erect. He kissed her shoulders, arms and hands. He licked her fingertips. Brutha returned to her breast and placed a few raspberries on them and ate them off of her breast squirting a little juice on her nipples and lightly blowing on them before he’d devoir her precious melons.

Driving Mz Hazel

Driving Mz Hazel

He crushed strawberries and placed them down the center of her chest, which lead to her navel and placed four whole strawberries around heaven’s gates. Brutha then licked and ate his way to the prize and wasting no time to expose her motion magic pot. Sucking, licking back and forth. Up and down. Left, right and all around not stopping until she pulled him up to finally please her with his gift. His aim was to make sure she was satisfied.  Brutha turned her over and placing a banana on the base of her big juicy fruit booty. As the slow jams played in the background he used some strawberries he sliced up and placed them strategically up and down the crack of her ass and began to eat his way to her tightness.  Brutha stuck his tongue in and out of each of her holes, making her feel like she made the right choice by cuming for a visit.

Brutha started kissing her legs, down to her knees, ankles and toes. He made his way back up to heaven’s entrance only to kiss her and open her flooded gates. By this time he was rock hard stiff and ready to enter the Garden of Eden.  He took control of her legs by opening them wide and cuffed them under his arms. As he stepped into her garden she knew she would feel him for days to come and more.  He whispers softly into her ear “There’s so much shyt I want to do to you” Her nipples had gotten hard from anticipation. He plays her body like a rollercoaster, as she holds on tight onto his shoulders as he rocks her body into a slow grind.  Brutha lets her jump on it and balances her body like a seesaw. Mz. Hazel is getting hers and her body explodes like napalm.  Her flower bomb trembles and her wall collapse, as this shyt is about to go down.

Driving Miss Hazel

Driving Mz Hazel

He picks her up off the bed and walks her around to the opposite end of the bed, long stroking with her leg in the air all so she can feel all of him. Her nails dig deep into his shoulders and back from the pressure. Mz. Hazel bites her bottom lips. Brutha places her onto the bed and goes downtown to take more shots of her flavor only to get drunk from her punch.  Her juice box taste hella good, Brutha thought.  Mz Hazel by now is throwin yams everywhere as Brutha gets greedy fo her stuffin.

Ashley switches up and tells Bruth to phuck it right, which only get Brutha pipin hard and the drilling begins. Mz Hazel is workin all of her hip making it dip driving Brutha man crazy. He can feel a tingling sensation beginning to bubble. Brutha pulls out, flips baby over and begins to eat her again from behind while waiting for his fluid to return to base. Damn, this shyt taste like crinack. Brutha thought to himself.  Hazel lets out a scream, grips the sheets and trembles loves symbol. Brutha quickly re-enters and stuffs his head and staff inside hitting the bottom of her pot, scrapping the bottom and sides as no soldier’s life in his Trojan Army infantry are spared in his deployment.  Ashley and Brutha both climax and fall asleep in each other’s arms. This session went on two more times and as they laid in the bed listening to the music play. They laugh and planned for her return to Atlanta.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother….

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