Miss Hazel

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They packed the car, filled the tank and drove 4-hours from South Carolina to Atlanta. Lady and her 2 sisters were going to be in town just for the weekend. They planned a checklist of things to do while in “The A”. No time to waste their time is limited. Not forgetting the girls must get their drink on.

Brutha noticed her during Happy Hour the night before and kicked himself for not speaking, freezing up and missing the opportunity to let it be known to her of his interest. He vowed that night; if he were to get another chance things would be different.

While in their suite the women talked about how much they were enjoying their trip. Lady was tight lip in revealing her interest. She wondered if Brutha even noticed her. She had seen him during Happy Hour and thought he was quiet interesting & handsome. She had observed him from a distance, made mental notes and was overall impressed by the way he carried himself and how he handled people that he’d had came in contact with. She pondered if he was married. Baby was in town for one more night and no matter what her girls wanted to do she was not going to miss Happy Hour or her chance to simply walk by him.  Beside, she had brought backup, which was her, “get’em girl dress” and if he didn’t bite then his wrist is broke.

The very next evening God answered Brutha’s call. As the elevator doors opened out she came wearing a perfectly fitted Georgia Peach colored dress, with a cute tassel braid that hung from her belt, which fell below her waist side dangling, slowly moving side to side between her legs as she walked. Her outfit was crazy sexy making Brutha’s nature rise before the sun had rise. Brutha thought. Baby looks like a Sterling Silver Rose with her six-pack riding shotgun.

She was more like a movie playing in slow motion. Lady cultivated and mastered the devastating yet rarely displayed famous Rip Da Runway catwalk walk. Lady freaked it her way and transformed it into what Brutha called “The Phuck Walk”. Lady’s walk talked the talk, as it symbolically read, “I’m delicious”.  No question, it co-signed and confirmed her fine. The soft bangin sound of the weight from the bottom of her heels against the lobby floor commanded attention, which brought the entire house down. Heads turned from both sexes. This sweet semi-petite delicately built showstopper walked through the lobby entrance with her head down as if she already knew all eyes were on her. Brutha froze and he couldn’t take his eyes from off of her.  Brutha was captivated from her effortless beauty. More like all natural Bryers Ice Cream lookin.  Honey was mouth watering. He could only pray that she would look up and look his way.

Not knowing where to begin.  Her lips flow crazy like Jennifer Hudson’s hips. Keisha Cole fine she is. Miss hazelnut, honey brown chocolate skin. Hypnotized and mesmerized by her seductive bedroom eyes. Brutha had gotten lost in dem, fo ever as he would soon come to find out her spell was already cast. This southern-ring my bell why don’t cha, got da Mott’s, no doubt, and da glow, fo sho.  Miss south crakalackin must be on dat backyard Ju Ju black magic castin but still fine as hell just the same, and Brutha can’t shake it. It was way too soon to be catchin feelings just too soon to wanta be singin. Right? Wait, do you hear that? Is that music playing in the background? Who’s playing “There Goes My Baby”?

I mean this woman on sight would make a brutha wanta take a shower using Hot Water. I’m talkin washin behind the ears with a washcloth too. Brush your teeth kind of beauty when it’s not even your birthday and shyt. She has that butta smooth soft type of skin a brutha would want to lick just to see if it taste differently from his and that’s some sick type of shyt to say out loud.  Honey’s such a vision Brutha may just wanta use a borrowed, not used, Q-Tip to clean his ears, only to make sure he would hear every word she spoke. I’m sure you get the message. Check this out. I caught Brutha smelling himself to see if he’d be stinkin before he approached Lady and brutha neva be stinkin but wait he finds a peppermint?

She’s extremely attractive God bless her soul. From where I stand Brutha seems to feels free when he looks upon her. Her smile will make everyone smile simply because she smiled.  Brutha feels she’s the one for him.  He’s flying high and she’s the air under his wings. Besides you can’t eat unless you’re at the table. Brutha bowed his head and said grace and prayed on it. He took a deep breath and walked towards his future.

Like a child tryin to find his way in the dark he searched for his words and cleared his throat. Saying, “Excuse me Miss. Lady stops. Brutha licks his lips slowly in search for the rest of his words to follow. The he says, “ Lady you look gorgeous”. Baby, smiles and says “Thank you”.  Brutha’s heart is in his mouth right about now and he asks her-her name. She replies “Ashley” But my friends call me Hazel. Miss Hazel as a matter of fact and to be exact. Ashley’s southern accent invoked hospitality. The motion of her lips as she formed her words sent an invitation to continue further. Brutha took Honey’s hand and the sparks instantly cast Miss Hazel’s southern spell.  Poor Brutha did have a chance. While under Miss Hazel’s spell Brutha now can’t do without having her for himself. He noticed that Miss Hazel’s hand fit perfectly into his hand. Everything fell into place as organize confusion made sense. Brutha must have said her name, Hazel, fifteen times or more to himself within a minute’s time. Her voodoo was naturally grown and this New York Brutha didn’t stand a chance against her southern way. She became almost like air to him. Ashley, in a instant became someone he didn’t want to do without. Brutha didn’t even want to let her hand go. He feared that she’d disappear into thin air. Brutha looked at her as if she couldn’t be real despite of having her hand in is hand.

Hooked and feeling stupid Brutha didn’t care.  Baby was that kind of a blessing whereas a Brutha would start dinner from where the good lord split her and make his way around to the front for her seafood platter and dessert offering. “She can have her cake and eat it too. I’m already hers”. Brutha said. “Why not enjoy what belongs to you? However, cake goes so much better with ice cream. Nahmean!” Sis can have her way with me. Anyway you desire Ashley, I mean, Miss Hazel. Brutha said to himself. I’m able, ready, willing and available.

Her southern accented charm just killed it leaving him panting and wanting more. As soon as she opened her mouth Brutha’ heart skipped and he was stamped, sealed and delivered without any effort on her part. She is elegant. 1000% all lady. She’s visually wife material. With this sista by your side it’s the world we together will conquer as everybody else would turn, point and stare: bearing witness to the history that’s about to unfold.

Brutha couldn’t pick himself up from off the floor fast enough. He barley could close his bottom lip after he noticed slim goodies legs. They were Palmer’s Coco Butter Formula smooth, brown and glistening like Hershey chocolate covered drop kisses. The mark on her left leg, beneath her calf but above her ankle resembled a sweet Bon-Bon mini drop. Brutha studied her from head to toe trying to find flaws but to no avail Ms. Hazel had it going on and she knew it. The skin on her entire body to him was flawless. Whatever oil she used left her body shinnin. Brutha felt dizzy a little almost felt like Rocky without stepping a foot in the ring, feeling and actin dumb founded like “Ayo Adrianne! You know I don’t read too much?”

Before Ashley and her two-girl crew were about to make their exit and hit the town for the night, Brutha pulled Miss Hazel towards him oh so ever gently, leaned over and whispers softly into Ashley’s ear asking her. “Can I call you sweetie? Ms. Hazel smiled, said “Yes” pulled out her IPhone and placed it smoothly into Brutha’s hands and said to herself “Got him”. As he entered his number into Her phone Brutha said to himself “Damn! It’s on.”

To be continued….

Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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