Da Gold Bowl

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Ignorance is not being aware of the obvious, not knowing yourself. Sometimes God will present itself in a package that will be over looked, stepped over & possibly ignored.

Whenever Pharaoh leads his people astray, off course, every now and again God will send a servant, a shepherd to redirect Pharaoh back unto a righteous path. This person always derives from a group of people that suffers the most. Historically speaking… So it is in the world in which we have come to live by and chooses to be apart of. From a broad scope to a microcosmic scope of view, at every level of life; whether at home, while in the street or at the workplace.

Some people are use to drinking out of a gold cup. If you offer them something to drink and it is not in its proper package; a form in which they are use to receiving their drink, a gold cup; a so-called proper packaging then they will refuse the drink. They would rather go thirsty and choke on their own saliva, then to live and drink; to replenish the soul and to carry out your distinctive prophecy.

Many people are use to eating out of a gold bowl or out of a gold pot and eating out of anything else is out of the question; nothing else will do. Not for them…

Think about the person that will refuse nourishment just because it does not come to them in a package they are use to receiving food in. These people miss out on all that is offered to them. They forget that it is not what is on the outside that is of importance, of the cup, but it is what’s on the inside of the cup, what’s on the inside of the bowl. To acquire the contents is by far the aim. This is part of our essence, to feed the soul and quench its thirst for continued life.

So it is when guidance is offered to those that think they are inherently privileged; caught up in the vanity of their position and mistakenly ignores the voice, the guidance, of an elder of the earth.  The package that the elder comes to them is different from which they are use to receiving their information. They would rather die. They’ll live strictly out of pure stubbornness with a sprinkle of ignorance and those types of people deserve to continue to live in hell.

Each time God sends a voice of reason; an angel from above Pharaoh unjustly removes them and returns to business as usual.

Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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