One Tree One Heartbeat

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One Tree One Heartbeat

It was a foggy summer day and a tree falls in the forest. Nobody was there to see the tree fall. There’s no proof that the tree fell on it’s own.

Everything around her moved slowly as she walked towards him. He never paid attention to detail before until he viewed her standing in the doorway. He was waiting for her all his life but didn’t realize it until now.  Somehow he knew he’d never leave her side as soon as his hand touched her hand. When he held her in his arms he could feel her heartbeat. “I can feel your body wanting it, baby.  I seen you checking yourself out in the mirror the other day, looking back at it, arching up and smiling.” He said. “Nobody has to tell you-you already know you got it going on.”

He gently pulled her closer and whispered “Never have to tell me to kiss your ass cause I’m always in the position ready, willing and able”. He added. “Do these lips of mine look like they don’t know what to do? Not every woman gets the “Treatment”. They kissed for over a minute and he said. “When I put my mind to it I aim to please not to tease, lady.  Lay down love. He said. Now let me fold you back… He carefully spread the wings of her createix to expose her electric magic button.  The man said. “Let me do all the things a woman wants a man to do.” In between each kiss and in between each lick, he said.

“Tell me I’m a good man” (as he blew gently around her magic box).  He whispered. “Make me feel like I’m the catch of the day”. (He brushed his tongue across her secret button). He added. “When I rise, kiss me as if you knew I would pass away tomorrow and look at me with no regrets.  Then tell me exactly why you choose….”.

The radio alarm rings, loudly, awaking up the lonely old man for another days work.  As he rode the bus to the train looking out the window, for the entire day all he could think about was a tree and a heartbeat. Mulling over the connection.  Did the tree fall? Why does his heart feel so empty?

Some people will get the chance to experience love. Many people will not acquire love let alone true love on the absolute level. Only a few will experience unconditional love, which is not self-serving.

Reality can be a little chilly when you live alone.




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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