Her stallion stance was overwhelming he licked his lips and looked away trying to master his smooth. If he had hair on the back of his neck it would be standing on end.



Act 1

Sweetie closed her eyes envisioning his full lips with great anticipation, holding and pushing his head down hoping he would give to her what she knew he was very capable of doing.  Sweetie had been thinking about this from the very first day she had met him but the reality of her dead weight at home kept it only a dream but tonight her dream would not be deferred.



Act 2

Her body had a sign on it sayin, come get me.  You best believe that Brutha buried himself as if she was his grave. Completely submerged at the bottom of her pot and like a neck bone in her sweet water it was finally on. Brutha refused to come up and take a break from her ice cream. Kissing it anywhere and everywhere she wanted it. He was waiting for this moment for years and his plan is to not let her down. The mission and goal is to make sure she comes back for more and if she returns he knows that he’s in the ballpark. Like a child in the candy shop, fully baptized and glistening Brutha was smiling from ear to ear. He was a “Witness” to her arrival.



Act 3

He reached down underneath her and turned her around with a wicked crossover and drove down her baseline only to post hard in the pant for two more scoops of that Brooklyn Zoo. He’s the fans favorite. On the next play he’d set up at the elbow, backing her down, calling out a play that even King James would be proud of. Pick n roll pick n pop everything dropped. Tonight, history will be engraved and Brutha will now be better known as “The Can Man”. MVP? Will he win a Chip? We will see… Playing on her home court he can do the impossible, the unthinkable. No turnovers, only assists, rebounds and points. Sweetie has half court seats. The Can Man is a triple treat, no doubt. Scores from the outside and bangin the rim from her dotted line and with her weak defense she is getting it.



Act 4

When he enters her garden he owns the arena and she is happy to wear his jersey. Her crowd screams for more as popcorn and pretzels fly everywhere. Sweetheart just may consider on relocating and become a transplant. As she return back to her cold city and to her home of silence the memory of Brutha aka The Can Man is deeply on her mind. Feeling where he scratched his name she crossed her legs trying to stop them from shaking. He will be forever kept in her personal and private mental history. She will hold on to that memory for a New York minute. Sweetie knows that The Can Man can have it anytime.



Final Act

Hey, starting over can be a wonderful thing because we get another chance to get it right. Starting over may actually be better because starting over gives us the opportunity to do it with the benefit of knowledge gained from our past mistakes. Never stay angry with yourself if you make a mistake. Just dust yourself off and try again.  Keep in mind that failure amounts to no longer trying. Sweetie is a go-getter not allowing anything to get her down or keep her down, for long.


Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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