Sweet Tooth

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Sweet Tooth

He skated through life on his looks and charm. Like a woman things came easy to him. He kept in shape. He jogged 2 miles a day, exercised at home and worked out at the local gym where he’d meet women handing out his calling card.  He’d do about 500 push-ups per day, 100 pull-ups, and 300 sit-ups or more to keep things tight. He said that he’s getting older now and his body is not how it used to be when he was younger. Brutha said “You gotta keep your stomach out of Hell’s Kitchen”. He had placed himself on a fruit and veggie diet with a side protein meal of fish and shrimp.  He mentioned that some days he only eats tuna fish. Water is his best friend. He didn’t have a day gig so the regiment was obtainable.

With a devilish grin he said, “Women look at me differently now”.   In the past, they would break their necks to look the other way, across the street at an abandon building or car. Now they smile, looking at me making eye-to-eye contact. Some of them even stare and strike up conversation. He said for the most part, women want to see a hard body not a man with his stomach hanging over his belt buckle.  She wants to see a nice firm body not man breast or brutha who should be wearing a bra. A sista don’t want that type of shyt pounding and sweat dripping on top of them. They don’t enjoy sleeping with a hot mess of a whale.

He said, “That’s why they come to see me.”  He added, “I allow them to escape from the short comings back at home. I break up the boredom and tedious routine they live.”

Money Mark, a male stripper who pops 100mg of Viagra like Advil, explained to me why some women give him money, pay his bills and keep him living a very nice lifestyle. Said that he strips at Gay Clubs too and that the pay is much more but doesn’t like being touch by men cause it creeps him out. I asked him has he ever had sex with men. Money looked out the window and said he let a customer go down on him for $2500. I could tell that he done this more than once. I thought to myself he couldn’t have been too freaked out. So I said “Yo! You let a dude do you?” He said, “I was drunk off Patron.” I told him I drink Patron and I can never get that drunk to say phuck it.

Stage name M&M, says that some people call him a hoe and that he doesn’t mind the title. “It comes with the territory,” he said.  Listening to Mark was enlightening, sobering and freighting at the same time.

“Do you see the car I’m driving? The crib I’m living in. Life is one great pussy waiting to get phucked and I’m going to get all that I can out of it. You feel me? I was born a rebel and I never really learned how to work the system to my advantage in mainstream society.  Money went on and said that he tried the marriage shyt before and when his wife flipped the script on him he vowed to never get caught-up in the bullshit that marriage brings. “That shyt is costly, my dude. It’s nothing but a scam to get Mo Money in the end. Don’t have kids with a bitch then you’ll be paying for the next 21 years. She’ll be living high up on the hog while you be living in the doghouse.  It’s like welfare for the working class; she lives good while you struggle trying to make it.”

I could tell the past had left a serious scar by the tone of his voice and by the expression on his face it was clear as he reflected on the past.  M said that when a man is forced out of a relationship he ends up taking care of two households; his new home and the one he used to live in. Don’t have a girlfriend he said, then that’s 3 phucking households you have to juggle. M stated, “Everybody wants to eat my nicca.” So I trick a little to keep the crying down to a minimum. Nothing is worst than a bitch cryin and yappin her gums all the time about money and what she needs. Don’t ever let the next woman know how much child support you pay. They’re only going to see it as how much money is not coming into the house. Hating you every time you can’t pay for this or fo that.

He mentioned in his pork eating days he was living with one chick before he had gotten married. He was a security guard making a poor mans salary but he was happy cause it was honest work and he had found love. The pay wasn’t making ends met and the woman he was living with started to bitch and moan about bills and rent, looking and talking to him as if he wasn’t a man nor trying to be something in life.  Feeling like his back was up against the wall he started acquiring and selling laptops, on a five-finger discount. When the money started coming in the woman enjoyed shopping and having her rent paid on time. The extra cash in her coach bag didn’t hurt either. When the gig blew up and the pigs in a blanket got involved she gave him up to face time. “I caught a felony charge, my first offense and got 5 years probation. I’ll never do that again.” Money said.  “I’m not mad at her for giving me up when they came knocking. The relationship was over long before the cops came into the picture. It gave me time to think and get away. That was just some dumb shyt I did with deep regrets. Allowing the pressure of a woman’s squawk made me make poor decisions in life. I should have just left but I didn’t have a place to go at the time”.

Life doesn’t have to be like that. It’s all life’s experience. Life is one big classroom with pop-up tests and quiz’s. In the end if you fail you get expelled.  “Right or wrong, I found the entertainment business to be more profitable and rewarding.” He said. Money Mark switched the gears of his 2013 Mercedes into 4th gear, looked at me and said, “Do you feel that power?” I said that I feel it but let’s talk about that lesion on the side of your neck. He looked at me saying “What lesion? What da Phuck you talkin bout?” (Pulling the car over and placing it in park)

Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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