The Dream

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Raheem the ladies dream, said the girls like him cause he keeps it 100. I’m a real dude my G and the women respect that. Nahmean! He said. You know how I do. I’m a in and out type of dude. I don’t lay in shyt.  When you lay you sleep and you know sleep is the cousin of death. What I look like cuddling? Huh!  I just got some rules that I live by, you see. When I meet a chick I steak out her area, to see what’s really good in the hood, I don’t want any surprises.

A girl on her cycle, not me, I move to the next, so I creep.  Don’t lose no sleep on a trick that has a girlfriend hatin and don’t know a phuckin thing about me.  Kick’em both to the side, mang. Those be the type that always wanta ride. When they cum up broke (yeah) then I make’em choke, in the back seat, give’em dat long daddy stroke.  Til dey tear in der eye hoping to come up fo air, in a panic. But I don’t let’em. I just kill it until they lose consciousness and respect the God.  Shinin!  Then I flip them ova and phuck’em until they knock kneed. Tea baggin til her shyt bleed.  Just to keep her humble toss her some shoe n bill money.  Make her pull up her shyt and master her new walk.

You are a wild boy and you crazy for that, I said.  “I’m just sayin” Rah replied.

Raheem displayed that pimp game mentality and claims that he’s not conceded nor self-loathing. Rah feels that you have to let a woman know who’s Alfa and that it’s destructive not to do so.  Lil Raheem stood up and pulled out a blunt of dat Cali Kush, lit it, inhaled and as it burned slow he blew a cloud in the air.  Rah said this stuff puts him inside the Matrix where everything moves slowly. (Filling the room with that Teen Summit scent which one could smell a block away). I cracked the window. He went on and mentioned, “That’s how it is”.  My stepmother told me to never trust a woman including herself, he said.

Rah never passed his blunts & doesn’t share Newport’s either. He said that he don’t tongue kiss men.  You never know where a nicca’s lips have been. Said that he don’t drink behind another dude either. He went on by saying “How do I look like trying to explain to a girl that this knot on my lip is from passing a 40oz”? Nicca please. She ain’t going to go for that shyt. She gonna think I ate some bad pussy.  I said well damn, there you go again. He said “What”? I replied giving me something to think about.

Raheem replied “You a good dude” and that he doesn’t want to see me get hurt. Said that he is going to keep me under his wing and school me to the game of life.  Lil Rah walked to the door and said, “Let’s do this”. I said wuzup? He replied, “I’m taking you to my spot, Magic City, my treat.  A nicca like you being from New York and neva been to a strip club before is criminal. I’m bout to pop your cherry, boy”.




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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