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It was a nice dress that she was almost wearing.  She’d turned her back against family to be amongst slick folk; searching for a better life.  As betrayal trumped out love Honey bailed when times had gotten hard.



The New York City Subway was home to Lil Man. Child born a passenger on the number 3 train Brooklyn bound. He was left under the seat on the floor propped up against the trains dirt covered heater.  He must have ridden the train for about an hour before anyone had noticed.  He was without a diaper wrapped in two blood stained, urine soaked blankets.  A note was tucked underneath him, which read “U R Luvd”.  A homeless man moving between the crowded train car, searching for a newspaper, came across the little bundle and cried out for help.

The Winner


As the years pasted Baby Boy grew up with a cold heart never trusting anyone especially a woman.  Grown and on his own he expressed that he will never have kids and that he’d rather pay for sex because it’s less stressful.  He mumbled relationships are for suckers and that he needs his mind to be free for creativity purposes since he’s trying to shoot a movie.  Raheem doesn’t have time for emotions and a emotional women, it only confuses the situation.

Raheem doesn’t want to get involved in a relationship. He said that he’d rather be the other guy instead. This way it’s less stressful. The dude in a relationship has to deal with all the little dumb shyt like Christmas, birthdays, vacations and simply keeping the woman happy. Being the other guy, for the most part, the woman is happy just getting a good dick down leaving her to worry about her hole being open enough for the main dude to feel some sort of way; like something is quite not right.

Raheem is a regular at the local strip joints. With no attachments, he said he likes it there because most of the girls are damaged; some with daddy issues. He identifies with their pain being that he has issues with loving women and asked me if he was wrong for feeling this way. I replied “I’m not one to judge and you did give me something to think about”. He laugh and said “You crazy Bruh”.




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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