Lenox Mall

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Depending on the exit you enter one will discover the view of a beautiful pyramid water-fall engulfed within a square base. It’s placed dead center of a circular driveway.  Totally African influenced yet the masonic craftsmanship harnessed the science of Kemetic energy.  As you enter the lobby’s triangle  entrance and ride up the escalator you’er instantly hit with a view of buildings of glass high rised pyramid shaped master pieces with structural layered obelisks style buildings to the right of them.  It’s a picture of many words itself.

When you enter Lenox Mall the view and atmosphere unfolds into this incredible and undeniable seductive bee hive the compulsive shopper can’t avoid. The Mall’s energy is full with electric and symbolism as the young people move about in a feverish frenzy. If it’s your first time visiting I’d advise you to pull up a seat and watch the show. Buy some snacks; a cookie, a pretzel and liquid refreshment to better enjoy the amusement and human spectacle that’s about to go down. You will see wannabees, celebrities and the average Joe along with the too tight jean wearing, pants sagging, rhinestone belt hangin, questionable thugs. The place is upscale and elegant where all the beautiful people are frequently seen hiding behind sunglasses, expensive attire and high heels. You can smell the money in the air. For some, the dress code is country tacky fly but for most the code is fabulous.

Many people walk to their own theme music. As some float through the mall while others just do the damn thing with their strut and swag.  Some act as if they are comfortably at home in their usual environment. If you have money you belong at Lenox Mall. If you have crazy money then you will go across the street to Phipps Plaza where the real playboys hang and the super fly girls kill the runway. However, if you are struggling one may find themselves merely passing thru, window shopping playing it off as if they are going to buy something-something small that is.  It is truly a place to visit at least once or maybe twice but nonetheless it’s an experience for anyone who is from out of town.

Lenox Mall

I needed a few button dress shirts so I entered The Brooks Brother’s clothing store to see what they had.  Instead, I decided to purchase a knit fitted skully for $38 and a pull over V-Neck sweater for $128. Brooks Brother’s is known to always have a token here and there working. So on this visit a brother serviced me and totaled me up. I was expecting to pay about $170 easy but the guy only charged me $120 for everything. I had this unexpected look on my face that was obvious. The brother then lend over the counter and whispered to me that he gave me “The Family Discount”.  He then gave me the extra smile, and I was now feeling some type of way. I didn’t have a house card nor was there a sale going on. I almost did not know how to react but I had to think and move fast. I was confused not sure just what had happen. Was I given the Black discount or was I sized up and given the “Hey gurl” discount? I quickly said thank you to the gentleman, took the bag and proceeded out the door, with him saying “come back soon, now”.  It was the “Hey Gurl” discount. It was the “Slip me your #” pickup line. By this time I was phucked up. Because his smile said it all, and the texture of his voice made me uncomfortable. I thought to myself is this how some women feel when unwanted flirtations occurs? I went to the restroom to look in the mirror to see if I had “Bitch” written on my forehead. Dude did save a brotha some money but at who’s expense and was that all he did? I felt a stab at my manhood sorta. As I continued to look into the mirror I was sure didn’t see bitch. I guess it comes with the new territory however, this just killed my day so I headed for home.

Being new to Atlanta I had to make a few adjustments. I had to realize who’s house I’m now visiting and who’s house (State or container) I am now living in.  I’ve noticed how the women view the men here as well and how frustrated they must be with the shortage of men to choose from. In Atlanta and when it concerns the topic of women you almost have to prove to her that you are not on the down low mission, of the bi-curious persuasion or just straight up with it. They check you out from head to toe and examine you hard as if they are buying a used car on a lot.  It’s even more noticeable at the farmer’s market or at your local Kroger or Public’s.  The cashier will look you up and down; checks out your items of purchase looking to see If you are single, married or other. At a single glance, in their mind, they already have you figured out.  Church and gossip is huge here in the south. Despite of what has been said the truth of the matter is church is a hospital for all sinners and I should not judge.

Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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