Why Some Men Lie

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Why Some Men Lie

Some situations are not meant for us to change. Some situations are meant to change us (For the better). As we grow together, often we grow apart (The positive vs. negative effect the basic laws of physics).  We all are strangers from the start living in a microwave society. Many people will come into our lives for a reason and for a season. Seasons often change.

Why do we lie?

Some men are afraid to tell a woman (The woman that he most desires or desires to conquer) that he truly wishes to be single and that he doesn’t really want to commit. He fears the control a woman will have in making the final decision, for the both of them; whether or not relations will jump off or be received in his best interest.


Why Some Men Lie

He knows exactly what most women want, a commitment &/or marriage. So he will tell her exactly what she want to hear and he gets exactly what he wanted in the first place. This type of person way of thinking usually is “If it’s my cake I should be able to have it and eat it too. Why just hold the cake? What a waste of a good piece of cake. Besides, ice cream always goes better with cake, so I’m going to take what is mine.” (Reasons why some men lie)

The “Cake” represents the prize or the gift and everybody want the prize and to get the chance to unwrap and open that gift. Like a child after he/she plays with the gift, in time it gets, old; discarded and tossed to the side. The child then wants a new toy to play with, making room for “the great excuse” to move on.




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