Gods Gift

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In many ways people make their own destiny and they must make the very best use of the gifts/talent that God gives to them. Overall, a person’s legacy is mostly determined when or how the story ends.


Gods Gift

I think I can speak on this topic because I haven’t made the best use of Gods gifts, which has been in stored within me. Once upon a time, I thought that other people were my competition. During that time, I failed to view it as each person has his or her own unique and distinct ability that no one can duplicate nor take away. There is room in this world for everyone. Everybody has their own place here in this world, which is meant just for them.  Although we should never forget our pass it is equally important not to live in the past. Instead, pave a new road that allows us to move forward. Know, with each and every person and with every opportunity comes a shelf life, and I beg you to manage it and them wisely.


Gods Gift

Love doesn’t grow under a microscope.  So when you are involved in something or in someone, you have to give it your all or what’s the use? Or should I’ve had said “What are you doings if you’re not giving it your all”? Be mindful when it comes to love; it’s not a spreadsheet. It must be watered, nurtured and cultivated. Don’t be blinded by looks because for the most part beauty fades, lol and dumb my friend, is forever.

Never give up on love and finding the person you are willing to go through the unknown with. You will not have to look or search for it-it will crack you upside your head when you least expect it.




Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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