Buffy, I Love You

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When Life Takes You By Surprise….

I can’t breathe right now cause she’s gone, home. When you think you have time to reach out to a family member to tell them you love them. When you put it off saying to yourself “I’ll call tomorrow”. God sends his angels and you are left with regrets and a blank stare. A transition to the other side has been made. Buffy, I love you. My sweet baby sister will forever be missed.

I wish I were a better brother. I never got to share with you so many things. Wish our kids had gotten the change to play with each other. You deserved to have been able to see that. No reason we couldn’t get together. Too many missed meals. Far too many days of sunshine neglected. Majestic moon lit evenings never to be captured. How I wish I could just hold you right now.



Heaven is at the foot of Mother

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