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When a woman has many men calling on her, trying to attract her attention, maybe even taking her on trips, out to fancy places and purchasing expensive gifts. It means more than the world to me to find that she truly only has eyes for me.

I was caught of guard when she entered the room. No need to play myself this time. So easy to look at never a hard cup to swallow. Instantly, I knew she is the one cause the way I’m feeling; it doesn’t take all day to notice sunshine. When our eyes met for the first time it was like electric if not magic. Time froze for a minute or two and the room seemed a little brighter, HD sorta just because.  She was beautiful to me in every way. She would stand out in a crowed street anywhere in New York.

Her smile and just being around her made me feel like being a better man than I am currently.  When she spoke to me somehow, her words reshaped my unreleased sperm and the room zoomed out like an old Spike Lee flick as if I had horse blinders on. All of a sudden I found myself lost for words like an 3 year old child.

She has this amazing ability to make a man feel like a man even when he’s not. This woman does it for me.  She shines. Although, I am whole she nonetheless completes me. She is my Sunshine and I don’t even know her name.

With sunshine in your life she instantly amplifies your strengths and compliments all of your weaknesses. She is what life is all about. She is a ray of sunshine delivered to me from our Creator. If I didn’t believe I believe now…

Realizing she is merely a gift almost on loan. Love comes to us for a reason within a season. Thank you for passing through. Thank you even more for redirecting my sail. I look back on all my trials and tribulations that life has dealt, I noticed it prepared me for this every day, the day that I first met, Sunshine and I’m proud to say “I See You”. I can’t wait to say I do…

In this short time I’ve lived I’ve learn that life is short and there’s no room for egos when it come to love. Ego’s have this way of watching her slip through your fingers and cloud your vision. Act like you know and hold on to her tight and never let her go. Tell her you love her and all that she means to you or else you will regret it for the rest of your life.  Life is sadly too short to not let her know.

Heaven is at the foot of Mother…

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